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The dam will shortly break.

Posted by appolus on November 7, 2020

I believe God ordained President Trump so that the hypocrisy of those who spoke about tolerance was exposed and their true hatred and intolerance revealed.. Secondly, what has happened in the last four years is like the drawing back on the bowstring. Back, back, back, almost at straining point, and then……..release.

A torrent of dammed up hatred against the saints is on the very verge of being released. The four years was a temporary alleviation of a global march by the elites. Just for a moment, with Brexit and President Trump it looked like globalism had been dealt a death blow. Now it has sprung to life again and is angrier, bolder, more arrogant and more dangerous than it ever was before. It no longer feels the need to hide behind the masquerade of tolerance. Stand fast saints.

10 Responses to “The dam will shortly break.”

  1. Shannon said

    Brother Frank, I believe we will soon witness Christs true church revealed. We can feel the heaviness, the darkness pressing in on us. Yet I feel more at peace then I have felt in a long time. My mind, body and spirit are battling through each day, yet its with the understanding that our time is approaching, The Lord Jesus Christ will be mightily glorified through His remnant. My heart shudders at what may lie ahead for us on earth, but it flutters at the thought of my King leading every one of his saints to victory!

    Psalm 27:
    13 I would have lost heart unless I believed
    That I would see the goodness of the Lord
    In the land of the living

    14 Wait for the Lord
    Be of good courage
    And he shall strengthen your heart
    Wait, I say, on the Lord!

    God be with all of us!

    • appolus said

      Amen sister. The true Church of the Lord will be revealed in the refiners fire. The chaff and the dross will be burned away until finally we shall stand as one just as the Lord told us to in John 17. Then finally the Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all the world, as a witness, and then the Lord shall come. ………….bro Frank

  2. Frank, I agree with every word of your post. The waters can be held back only for a while or the dam will burst. Liberalism will reveal just how illiberal it can be, how intolerant of opposition. This is already manifest in various places….Canada, Australia, the UK. The elites will use their mantra, The Great Reset, to consolidate their dominance. Brexit is an aberration in their eyes. It is rare for the will of the people to triumph over the establishment, but the Globalists won’t allow it to happen again. They won’t allow another Donald Trump to rise to power either. Trump’s tenure was, as you say, merely delaying the evil day when so-called ‘progressives’ tighten their grip on power in the west, drifting into totalitarianism to maintain it. This is why the EU is so dangerous. It is the perfect blueprint for a soviet-style European superstate governed by faceless and unaccountable bureaucrats, with only a veneer of democracy to give it credence to the masses, and it is also why Brexit is so significant. In the autumn of 2019 I predicted that 2020 would be a horrendous year but without knowing the reason. Now all of us can predict that 2021, and beyond, will be even worse and for various reasons. In the end I believe the Remnant will be small, a handful of the faithful. It is important for us to recognise one another across seas and continents. It is given to the Remnant to know certain truths and carry them in our hearts.

    • appolus said

      And brother, I agree with every word of your reply. It is the reason I started this website. A place for the remnant to be encouraged as we see the evil day approach and of course the storm is picking up pace. We have been lashed by the outer bands and still the monster storm moves slowly but surely towards us. A great flood of evil comes and those who have been given eyes to see it can do nothing more than warn of the impending darkness and call on the saints to draw closer to the light…………………bro Frank

  3. Prayergate said

    Dear Brother Frank,
    Yes … you hit the nail on the head in my humble opinion. Though many Christians are not prepared to see it in that light. They’re still clinging to the mirage of “defeating” the kingdom of this world in their mortal flesh. But soon, reality is going to outweigh their spiritual “pipedream” and many are going to get extremely confused and tested in their faith (i.e. unwise virgins).
    But we know the best is yet to come in terms of being “witnesses” of the true Gospel in the days ahead. And I personally believe that those witnesses will be endued with power from on High in order to accomplish whatever mission the Lord has created them to fulfill in these last days!
    We were born “for such a time as this”!!

    • appolus said

      Amen brother, it is indeed a mirage. His kingdom is not of this world, He told us plainly. Yet the draw of this world and how we live in it presses down heavily upon much of Christendom. The gravity of this world, the atmosphere of this world truly belongs to this world. We do not and should not be overly influenced by the gravitational pull of the world that we can see, it is the kingdom that we cannot see that is our home and it’s gravity is different and its atmosphere is rich in peace, and holiness and majesty and glory. The persecution from this world, will soon enough propel us deeper into the Kingdom of glory……………………bro Frank

  4. Lynn Saunders said


    On Sat, Nov 7, 2020, 11:51 PM A Call To The Remnant wrote:

    > appolus posted: “I believe God ordained President Trump so that the > hypocrisy of those who spoke about tolerance was exposed and their true > hatred and intolerance revealed.. Secondly, what has happened in the last > four years is like the drawing back on the bowstring. B” >

  5. Kimberly Mcbride said

    An old but wonderful hymn!!

  6. bcparkison said

    God have mercy on yur people and keep us strong.

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