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The dam will shortly break.

Posted by appolus on November 7, 2020

I believe God ordained President Trump so that the hypocrisy of those who spoke about tolerance was exposed and their true hatred and intolerance revealed.. Secondly, what has happened in the last four years is like the drawing back on the bowstring. Back, back, back, almost at straining point, and then……..release.

A torrent of dammed up hatred against the saints is on the very verge of being released. The four years was a temporary alleviation of a global march by the elites. Just for a moment, with Brexit and President Trump it looked like globalism had been dealt a death blow. Now it has sprung to life again and is angrier, bolder, more arrogant and more dangerous than it ever was before. It no longer feels the need to hide behind the masquerade of tolerance. Stand fast saints.

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