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Things that are common to the genuine saint #3 ….

Posted by appolus on December 26, 2019

Things that are common to the genuine saint #3 ….A genuine saint now speaks with authority. In Acts 2 when Peter spoke to the crowd, scripture tells us that the crowd were “stabbed in their hearts.” The Greek word for this phrase is Katanusso. A similar word is used when Jesus is stabbed with the spear, that word is Nusso. Now Katanusso is a much more violent word than Nusso. It means to agitate, to thoroughly pierce, to violently agitate. And so the Holy Spirit is showing us that there is greater violence taking place in Acts chapter two than even when the Lord was run through with a spear. The violence was to men’s souls. Their hard hearts were being violently penetrated by the very words spoken under the influence of the Holy Spirit. In Acts chapter two those affected cried out “what must we do,” yet just a few chapters later when Stephen is speaking with the same power, men were stabbed in the heart but gnashed their teeth and fell upon Stephen and stoned him. In either case, men were not left unmoved by the power of the Spirit speaking though the saints. Every genuine saint is going to agitate those around them. Loved ones, friends and associates will be drawn or they will recoil. There is no apathy for the saint. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. The genuine saint is part of an army that presses in. They will live and they will die, they will suffer and they will endure. They will fight with everything that is within them. They stand in the authority of God and upon His word and they do not relent. They have found a pearl of great price and hell itself will not wrestle it from their hands. With the armor of God and a two edged sword in their hands and the power and authority of the Holy Spirit, they will overcome.

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