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Fields of Glory

Posted by appolus on March 3, 2019

Latest collaboration between myself and Aileen Gilchrist. I wrote this song based on a vision I had many years ago of what worship looked like in heaven.

4 Responses to “Fields of Glory”

  1. Hi,

    Field of Glory — Very nice song! Could you print the words please. I can’t understand all the lyrics.



    • appolus said

      John, the words are on the video πŸ™‚ But since you asked nicely, here are the original words plus an extra verse that did not make it into the song πŸ™‚

      I saw there, Golden wheat fields
      Resplendent in the sun
      And as the Spirit moved on them
      They seemed to move as one

      The fields went on forever
      As far as the eye could see
      They rolled like the waves of the ocean wide
      Upon a golden sea

      But as I looked yet closer
      These stocks of wheat were saints
      They worshiped unashamedly
      For there were no restraints

      The wind of the Spirit blew on them
      And there they moved as one
      Giving glory to the King of Kings
      Rejoicing in the Son

      They sang the song of Moses there
      And glory to the Lamb
      Upon a swaying glassy sea
      And in that sea I swam

      This sea it was eternal
      It gathered round the throne
      And each and every one of us
      Would never be alone

      Now the wheat fields sway majestically
      Moving gently in the breeze
      And they will sway forevermore
      Like the waves of eternal seas

      Now We were one as He is one
      We were one in the Spirit true
      And it all began when we were born
      When we were born anew


      So we’ll sing the song of Moses there
      And glorify the Lamb
      We’ll worship and adore the King
      For He is the great I am

  2. Rebecca said

    Beautiful vision … in celebrating Passover, this years teaching is on ‘I AM.’ We have been celebrating Jesus in Passover for five years now … each year the LORD has given a new teaching … last years was on the seven sayings of Jesus from the cross … I was not looking for a new worship song but God has gifted this not just for you … this year it was for me and my family. Thank you once again for being used by our Savior in my life.
    Your sister in faith, Rebecca

    • appolus said

      That is so sweet sister. I pray that it will bless you and your family greatly……………………..bro Frank

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