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What shall become of us?-Mark McCourt

Posted by appolus on February 18, 2018

What shall become of us?-Mark McCourt

Its time to put away superficial, fairy-floss Christianity! Yep I am talking about the one hour dry-cleaning-check-the-box-complete-with-girly-man-songs-and-fluffy-sermon-church-meetings kind of Christianity! It’s time to stop pretending that it is okay to go through the motions by having a form of Christianity that is so blended with the world that if some of us were arrested for being a christian they would have to let us go for lack of evidence! Many Christians have become so obsessed with keeping up appearances that they have fallen in love with Churchianity rather than Christ. They have forgotten that it was Christ who was nailed to a cross, by a godless world and who then told us to follow Him to our own cross. But most churchmen today have become so enamored by the world that they dare not offend it lest they too end of on a cross. And so the Christianity we are leaving behind for the next generation looks cool and sounds amazing but it lacks “teeth” and it has no fire and alas I fear – God has already departed much of it. We are leaving behind a “hip” church that has losts it’s way and lost much of it’s soul…filled with passionless clones who have been trained to no longer think for themselves.

They have forgotten that they are children of the Light and sons and daughters of the soon and coming King. They have become so accustomed to this world that their allegiance no longer lies fully with their Lord, but somewhere between darkness and light. A bland shade of grey.

So I ask myself this question tonight, “Mark have you too lost your passion or is there still a fire burning in your heart for truth and righteousness and is there still a desire to live fully for Christ, no matter the cost”?

With the world growing darker by the hour we must have no allusions that we can just lie still with our head in the sand and hope the darkness will pass over us. Satan is rising up and the abyss is opening wider. True Christianity and all that stands for freedom is under siege like never before and we had better not put our trust in men or money or even the church-house. We must trust, rely, depend on and be immersed in Christ and Christ alone! He is our ROCK, He is our FORTRESS, He is our STRONG TOWER and He is our ever present HELP in time of trouble!

That time of trouble will become so intense in the coming years that we will be glad that we turned aside from the soul-sucking-rat-race and sought after God with all of our heart. Not just for what we are enduring today, but for tomorrow and next year and for the next 10 or 20 years from now. And we must seek Gods help not just for ourselves but for the day when we will no longer be here and it will be our children and our grand children who will face the darkness alone. They too must be ready and they must be strong in the Lord! Like never before we must turn aside and if need be, our lives must take on a sense of loneliness and solitude where we are forced to dig wells of righteousness and strength for future generations. May God Himself empower and quicken us for what lies ahead.

One Response to “What shall become of us?-Mark McCourt”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    AMEN, and AMEN brother Frank. This article by brother Mark, has nailed it down. This is the reason that I believe that the coming of our Lord will be in this generation, it is simply because there is no church left to pass on to the next generation. It is over brother Frank. We are spiritually bankrupt. We have no inheritance to pass on to our grand children…..Shalom from Mexico brother.

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