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The crime of spiritual abuse: One of the most dangerous ideas in decades

Posted by appolus on February 13, 2018

The crime of spiritual abuse: One of the most dangerous ideas in decades. The article below is a very important one, please take the time to read it, it is quite short. It speaks to a new category that the authorities are thinking about introducing, “Spiritual Abuse,” or SA for short. The implication if this were ever introduced would devastate Christians and Christian children specifically. Let me just say that I believe that this will be introduced and sooner rather than later. Just another sign that Jesus is at the door and the gates of hell have been pushed open wide…………………bro Frank

In a world of ‘safe spaces’ it appears that no space is safe. So it was with interest and a degree of concern that I heard of a new term about to be added to our legal vocabulary. As well as sex abuse, child abuse, racial abuse, hate crime abuse, emotional abuse, psychological abuse and domestic abuse, we now have ‘spiritual abuse’ (SA).

Organisations like the Churches Child Protection Advisory Service (CCPAS) have been raising the profile of SA and seeking to get it recognised as a legal category. Surely that should be a good thing? Abuse is manipulation, bullying, exploitation and misuse of power. When that happens in religious circles then surely it should be dealt with? So why has the Evangelical Alliance produced a report that is highly critical of the term? …… read the complete article by David Robertson here………  https://theweeflea.com/2018/02/13/the-crime-of-spiritual-abuse-one-of-the-most-dangerous-ideas-in-decades/

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