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Wealth often leads us away from Jesus

Posted by appolus on January 30, 2018

The economy is doing really well across all the different measurements, whether that be unemployment ( the lowest since the 90s) or the stock market ( records being broke daily) house prices are way up and consumer confidence is high. Growth is strong and is somewhere between 3 and 4% a quarter. I shared with many of the saints a number of years ago that I believed that in the end times the economy would be booming. It’s one of the few things I have disagreed with bro David Wilkerson on. Here is why. A booming country is a proud country. In the history of Israel they ran into more problems when everything was going well because they let their need for God slip away and their confidence was in their own strength and power. So, economic prosperity aids and abets the great falling away. Prosperity intensifies the choice the saints will have to make when it cones to the mark. The more people have, the more they have to lose. If you have nothing then it would make your decision somewhat easier, but, if like the rich young ruler, the more you have the more difficult it is to give it all up. I believe that most of the saints at least in the West but also in places like China and south Korea will be prosperous when the time comes to make the choice. History has shown that when Satan can’t beat you, he attempts to buy you. So, the more the saints have to lose as persecution rises, the more they will be tempted to compromise their core values and beliefs in order to hold onto their status in the world.

3 Responses to “Wealth often leads us away from Jesus”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    A very sobering and thought provoking word brother Frank. I have been thinking on this very subject for quite some time, and intend to deliver a message on it in my church here in Mexico, The prosperity that you are speaking of is extending even into Mexico here. This place is booming brother Frank. Everyone that wants to work is working. The economy is up like no other time I have seen it in the 17 years I have been here. I definitely think that the word you have spoken in you article is right on the mark.

  2. Fiona Burky said

    I have to say I agree with you. All we need do is look at how the name it/claim it teachings have distorted God’s Word. Also, living here in Texas, where we moved four years ago for work, the spirit of materialism is very strong.

    I know for myself , and this may sound strange to hear, but I’ve been thankful that I continue to deal with health problems. I know my flesh would jump right in with everyone else here, so I know my health issues are actually God’s protecting me and keeping me dependent upon Him. Some would ask if I’m a hypochondriac saying something like that, but I believe you understand my meaning.

    It’s when we’re really struggling that we turn to God, and just like Israel, we don’t need God so much when we’re doing well or have our hope in what the world has to offer. The question people need to ask of themselves is where does their hope lie…in their portfolio or in God?

  3. wakarusaguy said

    (not sure if this transmitted or not)

    Point well-taken, Frank. It’s God’s blessing when evil fails: the worst-possible scenario is for evil to temporarily “succeed” (in the eyes of the spiritually-blind), confirming people in the belief that doing evil will yield good results: satan’s argument to Eve in Genesis 3.

    The worst thing that happened to pre-war Germany was that the economy boomed as Hitler geared up for war, and that his military ventures succeeded and restored Germans’ national pride. Never mind the anti-semitic Nuremburg Laws, and the religious and political “enemies” sent to prison-camps: Nazi-rule was a great “success” for most ordinary Germans.

    For those whose idea of “good” is primarily economic and nationalistic, in pre-war Germany or today in America, evil can be attractively “successful”…for a time, if God allows. And God allows when He’s ready to humble a nation as harshly as He did Germany at war’s end.

    However long He allows evil to “succeed,” God’s question remains, “But what will you do at the end of it ?” (Jeremiah 5:31)

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