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What is true Christianity and why do we need the refiners fire?

Posted by appolus on January 6, 2018

In essence the question becomes, and has been a question asked down through the centuries, what is real Christianity? What is the Gospel? Who are the saints? William Wilberforce was famous for his friendship with John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace and of course for being responsible for slavery being banned in the British empire. He and Newton and others like them were despised by most of the “Sunday go to church,” crowd. They referred to Newton and Wilberforce and others as “enthusiasts.”

It was not a term of endearment, it was a hateful term. What Wilberforce is less famous for is the book he wrote entitled “Real Christianity.” I guarantee you that if Wilberforce were alive today and wrote that book today he would not be invited to speak at most of our modern-day western churches. He speaks against self-serving and culturally relevant churches, in the language of the day of course. He speaks against the fact that most who call themselves Christians had not actually experienced the new birth, had not actually been regenerated. Rather they were Christian in name only and by accident of birth. Their Christianity was, he says, a cultural one, a mere adornment to their lives and not a life changing regeneration.

Before him Whitfield had made the exact same assertion and Wesley preached all over the country to people who were already supposedly Christians but were merely professors. Unfortunately today we suffer from the absence of people like Wilberforce, Wesley and Whitfield who were not afraid to look at the so-called “Christian community” and tell them plainly that they knew nothing of the new birth. In Wilberforce’s book he prophesies what would happen to Britain and its empire if its people did not come to a true knowledge of the Living God. It has absolutely come to pass. In more recent times we have had men like Tozer and Ravenhill who preached a similar message and many of their own “prophecies,” have come to pass. Who has ears to hear what these men,and others sent from God, were saying to their generation and to the generations soon to come, ours.

We are living in the days that they foretold. It cannot be business as usual, Christianity is in major crisis and has all but collapsed in Europe and the major denominations that are left, for the most part, have been ravaged by their own worldliness and taken over by a cultural elite who aim to please the world and please men rather than fear God. This is why the refiners fire soon to come is a great mercy.

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