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Posted by appolus on August 16, 2017

CBSThere has been a lot of talk about Nazis in the last couple of days. The hypocrisy makes me feel quite sick. Most will know that one of my sons has Down Syndrome, he is now 24. What many will not know is that the Nazis first victims were the mentally handicapped. It was not just the Nazis, it was an accepted program through-out Germany, carried out in hospitals by doctors and nurses across the land. CBS recently tweeted out congratulations to Iceland because they have almost a 100% rate of identifying and killing Down Syndrome children in the womb. Now, will the real Nazis please stand up, the rest pale in comparison to the genocide that these people are carrying out throughout the world.


9 Responses to “Genocide”

  1. Steve said

    Frank, I’d urge you to look at what the CBS report said, rather than what Herman Cain’s website claims the report said.


    Reading the report, you will see that some Icelanders interviewed, including healthcare professionals, are in favor of pre-natal screening, and aborting fetuses with “genetic abnormalities” (such as Downs syndrome).

    CBS reported what those people said. They also reported what the anti-abortion mother of a Downs syndrome child said.

    The CBS report simply says what is happening. It reports Icelanders’ different opinions of what is happening. CBS does not express an opinion about what is happening.

    That CBS is “pretty proud of Iceland for ‘eliminating’ Down syndrome by killing everyone who has it” is a false assertion of what the CBS story actually says.

    • appolus said

      Hi Steve, I watched the show. I am comfortable with the assertion that CBS is pro abortion and had nothing ultimately negative to say about the wiping out of a whole class of people. CBS quote “Iceland is on pace to virtually eliminate Down syndrome through abortion.” This is the language you use when you are talking about a disease. Iceland is on pace to kill a whole class of people because they can identify these people in the womb. I think language is important. If one wants to sanitize genocide this would be the words you would use. ………bro Frank

      • Steve said

        Frank, I don’t find the “on pace” quote in the CBS story…? The story on Herman Cain’s site says it was in a CBS’ tweet, but I have no familiarity with twitter to be able to verify it.

        I’d certainly disagree that the CBS story gives any evidence of being “pro-abortion.” In fact, CBS titled their story (and titling certainly reflects CBS’ editorial choice) with the words of the anti-abortion mother of a Downs syndrome child: “What kind of society do you want to live in ?”…

        • appolus said

          I added the tweet to the main story just for you Steve…………..bro Frank

          • Steve said

            Thanks, Frank. As I said, I know it’s on Herman Cain’s website, but I’m not Twitter-knowledgeable enough to verify it from there back to CBS. I’ll take your word for it with that caveat.

            But CBS titling the story itself with an anti-abortion comment still seems more significant to me. Do you consider their editorial choice there shows no “hidden agenda,” but the tweet does ?

  2. Robert Taylor said

    I read that article also brother Frank. I agree with you, and it makes me quite sick also. My wife has a nephew that has Downs Syndrom. His name is Pedro, and he is 26 years old, and a productive member of this community here. He has a job at a local grocery store, and makes enough money to support himself and his widowed mother. Iceland has gone the way of the rest of this insane world, and CBS with them. Tell it like it is. Don,t give them any slack……Robert

  3. Fiona Burky said

    The secular world is continuing down the path of calling evil good. And sadly many Christians are not standing up to it, as they’re more concerned about not being seen as intolerant. Well, one has to be intolerant to those things that are against God! Abortion has taken millions of lives and the world continues to celebrate. …so sick!

  4. Debbie said

    I was reading a debate about this issue on Whirlpool Forum yesterday. The general attitude of many shocked me. This is the link:

    • appolus said

      Debbie, my wife and I have known about these attitudes for many years. It is very sad and shocking for people to know that underneath the politically correct attitude, there are many who hold vicious and selfish attitudes…………..bro Frank

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