A Call To The Remnant

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The remnants journey to the valley of Acacias

Posted by appolus on August 11, 2017

I wrote this word in 2009. I believe the Lord is continuing to call His people all over the world to come out. He is calling them to a deep and difficult spiritual journey. But be of good cheer brothers and sisters, the Lord has overcome the world and the difficulties you will surely face if you respond to the Spirit of God within you.

A Call To The Remnant


This word will give directions to the remnant saints that are traveling to the valley of  Acacias. It may be that you do not understand this word. Yet the remnant of God’s people will understand it for they know in their hearts that the Lord is at the door and that they are being  moved in ways they have not known before. Ever drawn away from the world and deeper into the Father’s heart.

How many of us “know ,” that the day of the Lord is coming and it is coming soon? This has nothing to do with proofs or opinions, you just know in your spirit, there is a witness in your spirit that speaks to you and you “know.” I could talk about signs and prophecies being fulfilled but I do not wish to do that in this word…

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How long will you waver?

Posted by appolus on August 11, 2017

If you sell your soul to fill the pews then the price will be the Holy Spirit, He will not be bought. No amount of professional music, lighting or dry ice can replace Him. There can be a tremendous amount of noise and activity all day long on Mount Carmel but no God. How long shall the people waver between two opinions? We cannot serve other gods and call down the one true living God and expect Him to respond. More dry ice?

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God is calling His Remnant out of the established church

Posted by appolus on August 11, 2017

Source: God is calling His Remnant out of the established church

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