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The Salem witch trials and the hysterical mob.

Posted by appolus on August 15, 2017

I like to study people and groups and society and how they react and so on. I am fascinated by it. I believe myself to be relatively well read on it as well. The Salem witch trials has been, for over 300 years, a cautionary tale of what happens when there is a prolonged period of mass hysteria. Due process is put to one side and the main thrust of attack is false accusation. Once the accusation is made, given the mass hysteria, the condemned has no chance. In earlier versions in Europe, once the witch was named, she would be tossed into the river. If she drowned she was innocent, if she did not drown she was guilty and then actually drowned or burnt at the stake.

Before you sophisticated people laugh at the moronic actions of our forebears, can I suggest that we are doing the exact same thing today. There has been several months of hysteria in this country. Facts are no longer important, it is the accusation that counts. Consider President Trump. In the last seven months he has been a Russian spy. No facts, just accusation. He has been an anti-Semite, despite the fact that his daughter and son-in-law are Jewish ( you can’t make this stuff up) He is a racist. He is a Nazi. That’s quite a little list that is going on there, and all born out of hysteria.

Now let me suggest that in the coming months and years that this hysteria will not subside. The inquisition lasted almost seven hundred years so I can easily see a period of time when all the skills that the hysterical mob has amassed, aided and abetted by feckless politicians and so-called community leaders and social media, will be employed to destroy their enemies. In order to destroy someone nowadays they are first labelled and shamed publicly. The pressure is enormous to fall in line with the mob. The day is coming that if you do not bow down to the gods of this world, you will be destroyed.

Christians in particular, who disagree with gay marriage and identity politics and so on will be the targets of modern-day witch trials. Once the accusation is made, only drowning will save you from the fire, but one way or another, you will be removed from among them and they will celebrate it and believe they are doing God’s work.

8 Responses to “The Salem witch trials and the hysterical mob.”

  1. Steve said

    Frank, I’m quite surprised you take as an example of “hysteria” the possibility that the current president was somehow involved in illegal dealings with the Russians during the campaign. There are numerous verified contacts between his campaign-leaders and his family-members. The FBI and Congress have found those contacts sufficiently credible to warrant full formal investigation.

    How is statutory legal process based on known facts “hysteria” ?

    • appolus said

      It is an example of a witch hunt which has no basis in fact Steve. It is politically motivated like so many so called investigations and facts are not important. If you just keep saying he is actually a Russian spy, over and over again, people will simply believe the accusations. This has nothing to do with Trump. I could care less one way or another, I am just not going to be bowed by politically correct pressure. I was an ardent critic of George Bush junior, simply because he claimed to be a Christian. People I know did not like it but you cannot please all the people all of the time. I am not going to get into the details Steve but Comey already admitted he manipulated the process in order to get a special council, his best friend. Its rotten to the core, just like everything in Washington DC. Every institution has been corrupted to the core and the whole city is filled with self serving men and women who are hyper partisan. There is no justice there. Christians who put there hope in DC are totally deceived…………………bro Frank

      • wakarusaguy said

        Yes, people would be foolish to believe accusations with no facts behind them. But that’s why there are investigations going on: there are well-established facts which justify further investigation. That’s standard legal process: which I’m skeptical is “politically motivated.”

        I’d be curious, if you’d post a link, about Comey’s admitting he manipulated the process. If he did, that seems significant: though it doesn’t itself throw light on the nature of the Trump campaign’s known contacts with Russians.

  2. Rebecca said

    We are to watch and spiritually prepare ourselves … it is much easier when we look as though through a safety glass at the populace in general. It becomes harder when it affects you directly … and the ones ousting you are family. I am thankful and praise the LORD Jesus … the peace over it isn’t explainable. I love my daughter; son in law and my grandchildren so very much … but their church and now they themselves accept homosexuality since ‘God’s love and acceptance’ was explained to them. In love I have confronted the lie they believe and now I am considered a ‘legalistic.’ My granddaughter is engaged to another young woman … the state she lives in has passed a law approving it. It is so surreal! We can not stick our heads in the sand … GOD is indeed judging this nation. Satan’s attacks are real … and time is short. Soon true persecution will appear at the door …. we must learn to endure … trusting Jesus no matter what. We will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. I love to read and to live Malachi 3:16-17.

    • appolus said

      God bless you Rebecca, your story is being told over and over again across the land. Standing strong in the truth with love is our stance and yet even then we will be hated because we will not bow down to the gods of this world, yet our role is to continue in what we know to be Truth. That last Scripture you quoted I just quoted to someone else in regard to this piece on my other page on Facebook. I pointed out to her that most folks when they quote that leave out the last part and it is the last part that gives power to the first two parts ” and they loved not their lives unto death.” Stand strong sister, you are not alone in you situation. ……………………bro Frank

  3. I agree, Steve. I was just reading last night in the last chapters of The Book of Mark, where the common folk were given the choice to save Jesus or the criminal. Even though there was no evidence against Jesus, the agitators (spiritual leaders of the day) got the crowd so worked up that they screamed for Jesus to be crucified, even though there were no actual charges that could be put against him. It’s the same way now. Agitators get people worked up and they go along with their stirred up emotions (and I’m sure the enemy’s whispering into their ears), and choose, in their carnal minds, what they believe is the best. Jesus warned us that there will come a day when men will do the same to His followers, believing they are doing what is right in God’s eyes. My prayer is that when that day comes that I’ll have the heart of Christ in me and will be able to use that small period of time to share Christ’s love with them and be able to forgive them. It will have to be God’s power acting through me, because in my natural state, it’ll be very difficult to forgive someone for doing something so wrong to me, or my loved ones. The enemy has been behind this, throughout History, and he continues to enjoy stirring up hatred, malice and brutality. After all, that is his very nature, the picture of who he truly is. When all this happens, we are to draw up our heads, knowing that the end is drawing nearer. Maranatha!

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