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Having eyes to see the Glory!

Posted by appolus on October 9, 2016

Christ is real no matter our circumstances and the reason we have seeker-friendly watered down Gospel is because people have been taught by ear tickling men. Christ dying on the cross is doom and gloom to those who are perishing but glory and victory to those who are not. Paul speaking out from his dungeon words of faithfulness is glory and majesty but the fearful can only see the dungeon. Stephen glorifying God as the stones rain down is glory and majesty but to the fearful is a terror because their eyes are not on the eternal glory of the Living God and His children but on the temporary temporal things of this world. In Christ there is no fear, He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. So, to those outside of the Spirit , doom and gloom, to those who walk according to the Spirit glory and majesty. Only God Himself can give us these eyes that can see the glory in the very midst of suffering for His name sake.

5 Responses to “Having eyes to see the Glory!”

  1. exposeevil said

    Reblogged this on Light In The Darkness.

  2. Sharon Williams said

    Such a powerful word….. confirmation to this believer. Thank you for saying it so well.

  3. Amen brother. You are right! Open the eyes of all Your people oh Lord. To see the Glory of God in all that You do – that we are crucified to this world – dead to sin, but ALIVE to God! Praise be to God for the death and resurrection of His Son through whom we now live the same glorious life!

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