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A country under judgement

Posted by appolus on October 14, 2016

This election proves that this country is under judgement. Terrible choice presented to the people but if you look closely, both these candidates with all their faults, are pretty representative of the population as a whole. People typically get the leaders they deserve. As for the saints, we must not be caught up in fray. Now, I don’t believe that means we do not speak the truth in love with boldness, we must speak the truth in love with boldness, it is our calling, we are a light in the darkness. We are the salt of the earth, it is through us that goodness and light prevail. Even as they turn on us, and they will with boldness, very soon, we must still be that light, that salt, that boldness and fearlessness for the cause of Christ. It is indeed by the Blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony and they loved not their lives unto death that they overcome.

Now, I have written for years about hypocrisy. It is something that Jesus roundly condemned. The Pharisees were the only people who really caught it from Jesus, He did not hold back in his criticism of them. He completely ignores the Romans, not a single harsh word about them, but slams the Pharisees whom he refers to as hypocrites and white washed tombstones, meaning they looked good on the outside but He knew exactly what they were like on the inside.

The Romans were evil brutish people who for entertainment would roast people and crucify them and feed them to animals and do other things that were so horrendous you could not write about them. But they were what they were, they did not pretend to be anything other than what they were. The Pharisees on the other hand were ” actors,” which is the Greek word for hypocrite. What they said in public was not what they said or did behind closed doors. And so, I have always reserved my criticism for hypocrisy.

I lost quite a few friends for severely criticising George Bush, the golden boy of the Evangelicals. Yet, his actions spoke louder than any words. Now this election cycle my focus has been on the actor, the one who says one thing publicly but in private is a completely different person. So let me say this loud and clear, Hilary Clinton is a clear and present danger to born again Christians. Not religious people who call themselves Christians, but actual Christians.

She and her supporters will come after anyone whom she considers to be deplorable. Now, one of her tests for being deplorable is how someone views homosexuality. If you view it to be a sin, then , in her and her supporters eyes you are a homophobic and deplorable and irredeemable. Now, the meaning of that word is ” beyond all hope.” I want Christians to know that the stage is being set for persecution. Within eight years of a Hilary administration, it will be illegal to speak to the issue I just mentioned in public. It will be a litmus test for every pastor and church in the land. Now, the answer to that is not Donald Trump, it is Jesus Christ.

There are no answers for the saints in Washington DC. Persecution is coming and saints, it will be your friends and family that will be doing the persecution. Yet this is exactly how the Scriptures says it would happen in the great falling away. So, our hope is in Jesus and we shall stand strong in Him and even if the whole world turns against us we shall not be moved. Be encouraged saints, greater is the Spirit within you, than the spirit that is in the world.

19 Responses to “A country under judgement”

  1. Debbie said

    Thank you for your warnings Frank. Divisions in the family and lost friendships are beginning to play out already, surely one of the most painful aspects of these days.

  2. Rebecca said

    Divisions have already occurred in my family … and it surrounds homosexuality, It is very painful … and I pray for my college aged granddaughter … she has been deceived by her church that accepted and promoted it by leadership who are themselves living in the same sin … now in college she is taught all religons are the same along with acceptance of homosexuality as normal. So in love I told her the truth to her reply “GOD loves me.” In other words GOD accepts her as she is. Will I compromise the truth? Would I turn back from following Christ to keep my loved ones? No. The rest of the family acccepts and socializes with her and her ‘friend.’

    We have had to make hard choices … I pray that the LORD gives opportunity to know Him. I pray she will be brought down to her knees. That He open their eyes to the truth. They are deceived. I think how scripture tells us ” And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear? Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.” ( 1 Peter 4:18-19) We have to remain faithful … no matter the cost. We are to witness and share the truth … in this we will suffer just as Christ suffered. I think about Stephen … not always about his suffering but about his vision of glory. We must keep our focus on Jesus. This is only the begining.

  3. Coleen said

    This morning I read the following Word and reading this SIGNIFICANT warning of Bro Frank, I realised the meaning and intensity of it :

    For everyone shall be salted with fire.
    Mark 9:49 AMPC

    We are there. The fire has already begun.
    Salt must keep it’s saltiness through the midst of the burning.

    We have this PROMISE amongst others too:
    The Lord preserves all those who love Him, but all the wicked will He destroy.
    Psalm 145:20 AMPC

  4. Onesimus said

    Now, the answer to that is not Donald Trump, it is Jesus Christ</blockquote?


    Sadly so many professing believers think that they need to promote and vote for Trump as the only way of opposing Clinton. They even go to the extent of lying and promoting lies to further their pro-Trump agenda.

    I recently saw a respected bible teacher promoting an anti-Clinton video on his blog. I viewed the video and found it to be one of the most dishonest and manipulative pieces of propaganda I've come across. However, that bible teacher and his followers refused to see the very blatant lies in the video after they were pointed out and they continue to justify it.

    I wrote about the video here: https://onesimusfiles.wordpress.com/2016/10/12/a-lesson-in-deception-and-manipulation/

    Nothing that I wrote was intended to be a promotion of Clinton or her agenda. The point was to bring professing believers to account for trusting and promoting deceptive and manipulative practices.

  5. Steve said

    Frank, I find it ‘way overblown to think Hilary Clinton “…a clear and present danger to born again Christians.” She’s a transient politicial player much like all the others we’ve seen: driven by ambition, craving power, given to some “fact-spinning,” etc., etc. And probably with some modicum of intent to do what she thinks is GOOD for the country, and citizens.

    That’s God’s mandate to human “authorities” (Romans 13:4). We are probably justified questioning whether politicians do good to citizens because God commands it of them, or because (in a “democratic” system) politicians who do EVIL to people become unpopular. But for whichever reason, politicians have (or find it politically expedient to act in) at least that much of a benevolent motivation.

    Clinton seems very much a typical politician, good and bad. That’s probably not what any of us would most wish in a President (though we rarely get any other kind): but it seems well short of the advent of antiChrist, which your “danger” and “persecution” and suppression rhetoric certainly invokes. I’d ask you to re-think that.

    Particularly since that rhetoric seems primarily based on Clinton’s perceived “homosexual agenda.”

    Scripture unquestionably says homosexual acts are sin. No honest believer would say otherwise; especially not for political purposes.

    But it seems to go astray from God’s priorities, and proportionality, to treat homosexuality as sin so great that it should govern all other perceptions (political perceptions, for example). It’s a sin of fleshly lust…among others. It’s immorality…as are other sins. It’s fashionable in “Christian” political circles to make “gay rights” issues a centerpiece of their faction’s “righteousness.” I’m skeptical homosexuality is as central in God’s view of sin as those deceivers urge upon us: especially since their manifest purpose is furthering their own political agenda.

    I’m particularly skeptical when those deceivers also persuade Christians to accept…and even “baptize” into their thinking…that political faction’s sins which God DOES say are central. Sins of the spirit, like lawlessness (“sin is lawlessness.” I John 3:4), pride (including nationalist pride), rebelliousness.

    Whether or not Clinton has a “homosexual agenda,” isn’t deceiving the Church to accept and follow the spirit of the enemy a greater “clear and present danger” ?

    My friend Onesimus also makes another good point about homosexuality, in a recent e-mail. Romans 1 clearly says increased homosexuality is a result of (“For this reason”) their obdurate emnity toward God. The world’s acceptance of homosexuality is not a cause of increased godlessness: it is God’s judgement on it.

    That cause-effect linkage seems borne out in Ezekiel 16: “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy. Thus they were haughty and committed abominations before Me.”

    Note that the arrogant wealth and haughty despite for the poor that GOD says was Sodom’s sin is also the spirit of the political faction by which Christians have been, and are being, deceived.

    • appolus said

      First of all Steve I would deny that what I wrote was rhetoric.In the end of times we shall see the combining of the church, the state and the world. You say that no honest Christian would say that homosexuality was not a sin. There is a great deception in the end days and people will give way to lying and seducing spirits. Denomination after denomination are falling in line with the notion that homosexuality is not a sin but an alternative lifestyle. Hillary stood before an LGBT crowd and announced that tens of millions of Americans were deplorable and irredeemable. That last word is a theological word. One of the things that counts you as irredeemable, according to Hillary, is your attitudes towards homosexuality. If you think it is a sin then you are a narrow minded bigot who is actually irredeemable according to these people. Given the rapid change just in the last eight years ( eight years ago no politician running for high office could be elected if they were for gay marriage, now, eight years later no politician can be elected if they are against it.) we can forsee that the issue of homosexuality will be a litmus test across the board whether teaching children, or in College, policemen, judges and so on. I in no way believe there are political solutions to this, it is simply part of the end times age in which we live and what we have to expect as the Body…………………..bro Frank

    • Onesimus said

      Note that the arrogant wealth and haughty despite for the poor that GOD says was Sodom’s sin is also the spirit of the political faction by which Christians have been, and are being, deceived.

      That is perhaps the most urgent “clear and present danger” facing the church with regard to its political attitudes. The political candidates/parties favoured by “evangelicals” are those who favour the rich over the needy.
      So often they are swayed in that so-called “conservative” direction by manipulative rhetoric, deflecting attention away from a mammon-serving agenda.
      Those favoured by “evangelicals” tend to have a low taxing, reduced government agenda – basically rewarding the wealthy and further disadvantaging the poor.

      As an example, in the 1980s the Reagan administration slashed taxes, and to make up for the shortfall in revenue they cut welfare spending, particular related to low-income housing. It is certainly no coincidence that at the time those with higher incomes benefitted from generous tax cuts, the rate of homelessness sky-rocketed.

      Now you have Trump promising to slash tax rates again, by half! How will he pay for that?

      As for Clinton’s alleged homosexual agenda. She has no more of an agenda over that issue than the majority of politicians in today’s world. And it is a world-wide thing.

      As Steve rightly points out – the increased presence, and the increased acceptance of homosexuality goes beyond any political affiliation and beyond any individual politician’s agenda. That increase is a judgement from God upon a society that has chosen ungodliness, unrighteousness, “vile passions” and “uncleanness” instead of acknowledging Him. (see Romans 1) Also note another significant reason: the suppression of truth in unrighteousness.
      Sadly I’ve recently seen some very clear examples of that with regard to the current presidential campaign.

      • appolus said

        Onesimus writes………………

        “As for Clinton’s alleged homosexual agenda. She has no more of an agenda over that issue than the majority of politicians in today’s world. And it is a world-wide thing. As Steve rightly points out – the increased presence, and the increased acceptance of homosexuality goes beyond any political affiliation and beyond any individual politician’s agenda. That increase is a judgement from God upon a society that has chosen ungodliness, unrighteousness, “vile passions” and “uncleanness” instead of acknowledging Him. (see Romans 1) Also note another significant reason: the suppression of truth in unrighteousness.”

        I just plainly disagree with the opening statement of the above quote. Here is what I have found as someone not from this country, it goes something like this. On the one side you have older more conservative Christians who want and encourage and strive for lower taxes and all that jazz. On the other side of the equation you have the younger generation of Christians who reject their parents notions and therefore take a sharp turn to the left with social conscience and a kind of Rick Warren attitude to deliberate and intentional living. I see that reflected in Onesimus reply. Truth is, both sides of that equation are wrong.

        My piece is actually about warning the saints, which is really what I do on this site, to get ready for the coming persecution. The ins and outs of American politics are neither here nor there. I have often been wearied listening to folks talking incessantly about freedoms and founding fathers and liberties. The only liberty I know, the only freedom that I know is the freedom wrought for me on the bloody battleground of Calvary by Jesus. Freedom given by men can be taken away by men. The freedom that I have through Christ, no one can take away even if I were languishing at the bottom of a dungeon. The greatest idol in America is America itself, the very notion of it is mythologized and worshiped by one side, and the other side, lie spoiled children, rubbish it. But whatever side one is on in that argument is the wrong side.

        My warning to my readers about Hillary Clinton stands and it has zero to do with politics. She and the establishment she and her husband head up are a global wide network of elitists who have complete contempt for the man in the street and the child in the womb. They are to them, deplorable and irredeemable. They will outlaw any one who stands upon the fundamental truths of the Bible. The next truth they will come after is the notion that there is but one way to heaven and that is through the Lord Jesus. It has already been attempted in Britain and Canada. The time is coming where we shall have to stand up and be counted, not for a single issue but simply for truth. A few hundred years ago tens of thousands of saints were killed for standing up for the truth that infant baptism was wrong. Millions found themselves at the hands of the torturers because they refused to acknowledge that a piece of bread was Jesus

        Our generation will face it’s own mighty challenges that will directly flow counter to the culture. This is good because we were never called to be a sub-culture, we were called to be a counter culture. Who will put his face down and walk into the rain and the storm. Most will go with the wind at their backs…………………………bro Frank

        • Onesimus said

          the younger generation of Christians who reject their parents notions and therefore take a sharp turn to the left with social conscience and a kind of Rick Warren attitude to deliberate and intentional living. I see that reflected in Onesimus reply</blockquote.

          As a 58 year old who came to faith in Jesus over 40 years ago – and whose parents have never been believers, I find your assessment amusing but highly flawed.

          I'm concerned about the way the gospel becomes misrepresented when political biases are pushed to the fore, especially when those biases advantage the wealthy at the expense of the poor.

          I agree totally with your statement : "The greatest idol in America is America itself".
          Unfortunately, in the minds of many, that idol has become confused with the Kingdom of God, creating a disturbing hybrid of religion and politics where the new evangelical trinity is composed of Father, Son and Uncle Sam.

          • appolus said

            Hi Onesimus, Rick Warren is not exactly a youngster either 🙂 Politics and political discussions are a quencher of the Spirit, never found it to be otherwise. That is why, again, my naming Hillary has nothing to do with politics and everything t do with the Body. Simply to downplay her because she is ” merely,” a politician is, in my estimation, a mistake. I believe that the anti-christ will be a politician, a strong man who will bring about the brotherhood of man, re-building and re-gathering the tower of Babel and the people who built it………………bro Frank

          • Onesimus said

            I don’t know enough about Rick Warren to bother about him or his teachings, apart from the fact he’s as dodgy as most celebrity preachers.

            Yes, the antichrist will be a politician and many professing Christians will fall for his deceits. That much has been made clear to me recently by the examples I’ve seen from many “evangelicals” promoting Trump; resorting to manipulative tactics to .make him a palatable candidate.(I linked to my blog above where I wrote about one such case). If “believers” are too undiscerning to recognise and accept the nature of Trump’s character, what hope do they have when someone far worse, but more tactful and appealing, comes along?

          • appolus said

            Here is what I wrote back in April, before Donald was named as the candidate https://acalltotheremnant.com/2016/04/30/are-we-unleashing-a-monster-donald-trump/ It will indeed be believers that usher in the anti-christ. Donald is not intelligent enough to be the anti-christ and Hillary will not be. The strong man is coming. Evangelicals in this election are faced with their very participation in politics. That is the issue. If you are a believing voter then there is simply no choice, for all the reasons that have been stated for the last 30 of 40 years with the moral majority and so on. This is why it is so difficult for them to hold their nose and vote for him. Before the lesser of two evil candidates always looked relatively presentable, and now we see a raw boastful braggard. Yet he simply is on the outside what others are in the dark places. They are being compelled to look and see the true state of their system……………bro Frank

  6. Steve said

    Brother Frank:

    There’s so much that you and Onesimus have said here to which I’d just like to shout, “AMEN, brother !! AMEN !!” But this especially:

    “”The greatest idol in America is America itself”.

    AMEN, brothers !! AMEN !!

    But back to the original post…

    I consider Hilary Clinton just a politician. Like any politician, I’m sure she would do whatever was politically advantageous to her, including persecuting Christians. She could use “LBGT rights,” if that were the most popular “issue” at the moment of advantage.

    I doubt that moment is realistically anywhere in the offing. For one thing, as President she’d need Congress to back her in any such move. Congress has set itself against ANYTHING President Obama favored these last years…even funding normal operation of government, including the military (which the Congressional majority inordinately loves in all other circumstances). Hard to believe they could hate anyone MORE than they have Obama: but that seems to be the majority party’s attitude toward Clinton. I’m skeptical that Clinton could engineer a persecution of Christians past that hurdle.

    Or past the huge voter bloc of “political Christians:” a bloc with a particularly large chip on its shoulder about its “rights,” sensitive to any hint of what it considers “persecution” (martyrs for Christ, forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding !!), sure that anti-Christ is imminent (and certain s/he will be a President of the political faction they hate), and highly, hard-core, political. Not smart for a politician, who lives and dies by “the numbers,” to take on a bunch like that.

    And that, I think, is much more the stance of ordinary American Christians than the decisions of denominational leaders. I don’t see that the latter actually says much at all about the acceptance of “gay rights” in the American Church.

    But that’s all just political considerations.

    “My piece is actually about warning the saints…”

    Agreed, that’s the point.

    Let me put it in terms of spiritual warfare, which I consider the reality we live in, more than politics.

    Homosexual deeds are sin. God says so. Our warfare is to hold to what God says.

    Your warning is that we must not surrender ground where God has told us to stand. Absolutely agreed.

    However, the warning that that is the defensive point where the enemy is certain to attack seems rather overblown. It COULD be; and we should be watchful there, as at every point God has given us to hold.

    But I’m skeptical that the priorities in the orders He’s given us justify that view. I think the enemy attack should be expected at the points He’s most emphasized: self, pride, lies, and hatred. Expected at those points especially because we already see the enemy “Christianizing” those attitudes in the hearts of our fellow-soldiers deceived by the spirit of “political Christianity.”

    We already see Christian soldiers who fail to recognize those attackers as the enemy, when they give the correct political password.

    That should be a warning to us.

  7. jlue said

    While I agree with you on priniciple, and I know that there is no person who can save us other than the Lord Jesus Christ, I think we would do well to remember that God used and uses people (some saved and some unsaved) to accomplish His purposes in judging and in lifting up nations. Voting for Trump does not mean that one endorses Trump’s personal life. My vote will be against the Democrat platform and the horrible things that Hillary has said when she promotes partial birth abortion. One of them will be president unless the Lord our God intervenes. He has given us these two candidates and many of us prayed prior to the primary process, so we now have to go with what God has decided to send.The Republican platform, while not perfect, stands for life and Trump is saying the right things.This is what I am supporting with my vote. Trump will have to answer to God should he be elected and fail to stand for what he said he would do. Hillary has already said she will stand with those who choose to slay the innocent. Think about it!!! When both parties flaunt God’s laws in their platforms, I will refuse to vote.

    • appolus said

      I dont disagree with your sentiments Jlue. In my opinion, if you are a Christian and believe in voting, then you could not vote for Hillary………………bro Frank

    • Steve said

      Hi, Jlue:

      Refusing to vote is always an option, possibly a good one. God determines who will become president; and He doesn’t determine by our votes. Even in the natural, no one’s vote counts for more than a vanishingly-small percentage of the “winning” total. Either way, a vote really plays no part in who becomes president.

      The only real value of a vote is that it manifests the voter’s heart. Hopefully no Christian votes because his/her heart is invested in any human candidate, or any human purpose. Any who does, sets his heart on some variety of RELATIVE “good”…and relative evil. Presumably Christians who feel they MUST vote know that doing so will force them to choose (“the lesser of two) evil(s”). CHOOSING to play a game you don’t have to play, knowing it will force you to choose evil…that too shows something about the heart.

      I’m surprised to hear abortion adduced as a reason to vote. That’s a disconnect. Christians still talk about abortion: but politicians, very little. The political faction who made abortion an “issue” almost-40 years ago has clearly done nothing BUT talk about it, despite controlling the instruments of governmental power to DO something about it during that period. Does voting for politicians because they “say the right things” (like Trump: though he’s clearly MORE insincere than most) show godly wisdom ? Does continuing to vote for politicians because we believe their words, when their long-continuing actions show their words are lies, show we’re righteous…or that we’re profoundly deceived ?

      You said well that God uses every kind of relatively-“good” and -bad ruler HE chooses “…to accomplish His purposes in judging and in lifting up nations.” He determines when He will bless, or punish, a nation, depending on whether its people revere Him or not, and appoints that nation a ruler accordingly.

      Does it seem to you God appoints a nation a ruler whose every way He HATES: pride, hatred, lies, and violence: to “lift up” that nation, or to bring it under judgement ? Does it seem a nation’s people revere God, when theire heart’s vote is to be ruled by one whose every way God hates ?

      • jlue said

        Lots to think about….I have spent much time in prayer over our nation and this election. One thought I have is this: God has provided a Constitutional Republic form of government by which we are governed. In that sense, He is allowing His people to bring about His will. I, and many others, prayed for His will to be done through the primary election process. I did NOT vote for Trump, but Trump was nominated. We only have these two options as it’s highly unlikely the other two candidates are electable. Non-Christians will vote. I believe God’s people should do the same. The Republican platform is something for which I can vote. If Trump doesn’t do what he is promising, he must answer to God, not me. On the other hand, what Hillary is promising is ungodly.

      • Onesimus said

        Steve said: “I’m surprised to hear abortion adduced as a reason to vote. That’s a disconnect. Christians still talk about abortion: but politicians, very little. The political faction who made abortion an “issue” almost-40 year ago has clearly done nothing”

        I totally agree Steve.
        The abortion issue is used as the bait to attract evangelical votes.
        Basing voting choices on a single issue (that will result in NO change) dupes Christians into supporting candidates other policies, many of which are equally (and possibly more) ungodly.

  8. Steve said

    The scripture that increasingly comes to my mind as I consider voting, and that my vote shows my heart, is this: “Happy is he who does not condemn himself in what
    he approves.” (Romans 14:22)

    Blessings to all here, in Jesus.

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