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It is slipping away.

Posted by appolus on October 1, 2016

I just wanted to share what I sensed in my spirit today. ” It is slipping away.” Now you may ask what ” it ,” is.Truth is, I could not give you an answer. All I know is that the feeling was profound enough to bring a tear to my eyes. If you have read anything I have written for the last several years you will know that most of my writings came in the form of some kind of warning. The coming storm was a constant theme. The remnant was another. Now, truly for the first time, I sense that ” it,” is slipping away and that the saints are at the threshold of facing the greatest challenge any generation of saints worldwide have ever faced.

So many local storms in the past, some extremely intense. Never in the annals of Christendom has their been a world wide storm. Let me give you an example of the outer-bands of this storm. Just last week, a friend that I have known for years, many years, who has stayed in my house, accused me of being a racist. The reason? I told him that gay marriage was a sin in the eyes of God. There was time he would have agreed with me. Now why the accusation of being a racist? Well here is the logic. If I am against gay marriage, then I must be against bi-racial marriage. Dont ask me to explain that logic, I cannot , I can only assign it to the signs of the times. The love of many are waxing cold and they have been seduced by lying spirits. If you take a stand for the truth it is going to cost you.

I have written critical things of Hillary Clinton and that has gotten me into trouble. The very first piece I wrote last march, before Trump was even nominated was ” Trump-have we unleased a monster?” Interesting is it not, when you follow the truth you will be lambasted by both sides. Yet, be that as it may, I will continue to follow the truth and speak it as led no matter what the cost. What is not going to happen is that I will not be intimidated by people on either side of this issue. I do not have a side in this issue, I seek to speak truth to power and let the chips fall where they may. There is an old Hymn ” If none go with me, still I will follow.” This will be the challenge to the saints in this new age that has broken over us. The age where the word police and the thought police try to stifle freedom. Genuine saints will never be silenced for the Truth burns in them greater than any fire that the enemy can conjure up.

When the three Hebrew children were faced by the mightiest man in all the earth and refused his proclamations they are dragged in front of him and in front of the fire that was to consume them. These “powerless,” children confront this might man and they tell him that even if God does not deliver them from this fire they will never bow down to the gods of this world. And in the heart of this man a fury erupted and he made the fire seven times hotter. When God’s children today confront the gods of this world there will be a fury that breaks out against them such as has never been seen before. Yet here is what I know, in the very midst of that fury, in the hottest part of that fire, in the midst of the greatest storm ever known, Christ walks with His children and so it ever shall be.

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