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Britain leaves EU-New World order

Posted by appolus on June 24, 2016

The world was shaken today. The vote in Britain to leave Europe is highly significant and I believe has prophetic consequences. Put your seat-belt on folks. There is a stirring in the world and an air of rebellion against all things established. It is a rejection of the old order. There is a new world order coming. Just another stepping stone in a rapidly evolving or devolving world that is anti-christian at heart and deeply discontented with all things established. Typically when the extreme right is on the march they require a scapegoat as does the extreme left. Either way, there is trouble ahead for a world without statesmen. Into the vacuum that is being created will step the strong man, the deliverer. The world is in desperate need of a strong visionary and that old enemy of our soul has just the man in mind. Tick tock, the prophetic calendar is running down. Stand fast brothers and sisters for we who stand on holy ground are not shaken.

3 Responses to “Britain leaves EU-New World order”

  1. oldpoet56 said

    Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world.

  2. amongtheforgotten said

    From the outside looking in this appears to be a good thing- kinda like the Donald and his disdain of the status quo of the American political scene. I’m not convinced. Will the rolling tide of sin and its consequences be turned back or averted by the type of professing “Christiandom” this world’s people profess? No it will not. Even a cursory look at the “evangelicals” surrounding DT and the comparisons being made between Brexit and his campaign should make one shudder at the thought of where this might all lead. Yes, we ought to think clearly and soberly, stop sinning and prepare for what God Himself promises will arrive in due time. No real Christian has to fear the future because our hope is sure. That can’t be said for those whose hope is in this world, the retention of national sovereignty or those who fight the culture war.

  3. KMH said

    Wake up Christians! We are that generation Jesus talked about – see that YOU are not unaware and deceived! Satan has been planning his move for generations! Pray the Lord allows you to see what God wants you to see and open this link…

    Praying for your regional gathering Brother Frank! May your spirits come together in true unity with Jesus!

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