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Regional gathering.

Posted by appolus on June 21, 2016

gospel fellowshipsGospel fellowships, which is a branch of sermonindex.net is having a gathering on July 9th ( a Saturday) here in Olathe, KS. It is one of twelve regional gatherings. I will be moderating. The reason for the gathering is to discuss the times in which we live and what lies ahead for the saints in an increasingly anti-Christian society. Making connections with saints of different backgrounds but similar mindsets. Now, I don’t mean come and listen to a couple of guys, I mean come and share what the Holy Spirit has been showing you. The meeting is from 10am to 3pm breaking for lunch. The afternoon session will be a time for corporate prayer. It will be held in the Olathe Healing rooms ( where I will share next Friday evening) You can e-mail me Frank McEleny, for details at appolus@aol.com. The details will include the schedule for the day and local hotel if needed.

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