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Under the shadow of a fallen tree

Posted by appolus on October 20, 2015


I was out walking with the Lord and I saw this mighty fallen tree and the Lord spoke to my heart. There was a new tree growing out of the foundations, the roots, of the old tree. I could see God’s remnant saints growing in the shadow of an old tree that had toppled over. God is doing a new thing and a branch of the old is now taking root. I wrote the poem below under the inspiration of these thoughts.


Under the shadow of an aged fallen tree
Springs forth a root that will surely honor thee
Pour forth thy rain on a fasting remnant bride
Pierce the darkness till there’s nowhere left to hide

What was established will shortly pass away
As we wait upon on our Groom for the marriage day
Though the storm is approaching and hell is up and off its knees
You shall rend forth the heavens and water our thirsty pleas

For though we see the storm approach with all its thunderous noise
We see that Christ behind it comes and in this we shall rejoice
Our eyes forever fixed on Him as foundations begin to crumble
And structures fall and pass away and proud men faint and stumble

The saints around the world cry out from barren wasteland places
And down the Spirit falls on them and shines upon their faces
Yet darkness falls around the world but in the hearts of saints
Your light it shines, the Kingdom comes where no one ever faints

To soar with the eagles high above, to run to the darkness and that with love
Shall conquer every mountain high, till we see His glory split the sky
Let every fountain burst asunder, as you come down and speak with thunder
Then men around the world will say, tis Christ the King and judgement day!

4 Responses to “Under the shadow of a fallen tree”

  1. maryjane said

    Greetings Frank

    I very much liked this poem you shared. Such a picture the words paint. Thank you for sharing this.
    God bless

  2. Love this brother. Thankyou.

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