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Christians in the cross-hairs

Posted by appolus on October 2, 2015

Yesterday we witnessed yet another massacre by a lone gunman. It seems that we here in the States have become desensitized to these kind of stories. It is strange that the most disturbing part of this story is being under-reported. Christians were identified yesterday and then got a bullet in their head. Can you imagine the outrage or the furor if gay people had been identified and shot in the head? Undoubtedly homophobia would be to blame and there would be calls to shut down all avenues of homophobia. What if Muslims had been singled out and shot in the head? A huge cry would have went up about Islamaphobia and there would have demands to shut down any voices that spoke against Islam. If black people had been identified and shot, the cry would have been, and rightly so, racism was at fault and it would have been decried from the highest offices in the land.

Yet what happens when Christians are identified and shot? The silence is deafening. This should be disturbing to you. Every day we are constantly bombarded with stories about how Christians are haters and bigots because of their Biblical views. They are decried as narrow minded idiots who belong in the uneducated past. When they are killed here or elsewhere in the world it largely goes uncritisised. I read yesterday of an Islamic convert to ISIS, a white woman from Britain, a former member of a punk rock band. She stated that every Christian should have their heads cut of slowly with a blunt knife.

In the world of the secret service, they have a saying called ” chatter.” It is information that they hear from various sources around the world. And from all these different sources of information often times a story begins to emerge. So, if there is a rise in chatter they know that very possibly an attack is coming. Can I suggest to you that Christians are being targeted all around the world. To me, this is chatter. A story is emerging. This is information on a spiritual level of something much bigger to come.

The sea level of spiritual activity against Christians is on the rise. And up with this tide first comes the crazies. In the early 30s in Germany there were isolated incidents against Jewish people. As the Nazis came into power and began to pass sweeping laws against Jews, then the general public began to be swept up with this. First it became impossible for Jewish people to hold jobs with any kind of authority. Jewish teachers were targeted in schools and Universities and police forces. They were ousted from their positions. Then Jewish doctors and small business owners were targeted. There was a slowly rising crecendo of hatred and discrimination until a catalyst moment, the burning of the Reichstag, when the flood gates were opened and open hostility towards the Jewish people was legitimized.

I would like to suggest to you that in the very near future, if you hold to traditional Biblical views, you will be routed out of the education system. It will no longer be acceptable for Christians who hold certain views to be allowed to teach our children. Positions of authority of any kind, sanctioned by local or national government, will no longer be open to Christians who hold to Biblical authority. Small business people and larger corporations will be targeted if they hold to certain views which are deemed to be unacceptable. This is our brave new world. A sociopathic world where the tolerant are accused of the crime of intolerance by the intolerant.


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