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Christians in the cross-hairs

Posted by appolus on October 2, 2015

Yesterday we witnessed yet another massacre by a lone gunman. It seems that we here in the States have become desensitized to these kind of stories. It is strange that the most disturbing part of this story is being under-reported. Christians were identified yesterday and then got a bullet in their head. Can you imagine the outrage or the furor if gay people had been identified and shot in the head? Undoubtedly homophobia would be to blame and there would be calls to shut down all avenues of homophobia. What if Muslims had been singled out and shot in the head? A huge cry would have went up about Islamaphobia and there would have demands to shut down any voices that spoke against Islam. If black people had been identified and shot, the cry would have been, and rightly so, racism was at fault and it would have been decried from the highest offices in the land.

Yet what happens when Christians are identified and shot? The silence is deafening. This should be disturbing to you. Every day we are constantly bombarded with stories about how Christians are haters and bigots because of their Biblical views. They are decried as narrow minded idiots who belong in the uneducated past. When they are killed here or elsewhere in the world it largely goes uncritisised. I read yesterday of an Islamic convert to ISIS, a white woman from Britain, a former member of a punk rock band. She stated that every Christian should have their heads cut of slowly with a blunt knife.

In the world of the secret service, they have a saying called ” chatter.” It is information that they hear from various sources around the world. And from all these different sources of information often times a story begins to emerge. So, if there is a rise in chatter they know that very possibly an attack is coming. Can I suggest to you that Christians are being targeted all around the world. To me, this is chatter. A story is emerging. This is information on a spiritual level of something much bigger to come.

The sea level of spiritual activity against Christians is on the rise. And up with this tide first comes the crazies. In the early 30s in Germany there were isolated incidents against Jewish people. As the Nazis came into power and began to pass sweeping laws against Jews, then the general public began to be swept up with this. First it became impossible for Jewish people to hold jobs with any kind of authority. Jewish teachers were targeted in schools and Universities and police forces. They were ousted from their positions. Then Jewish doctors and small business owners were targeted. There was a slowly rising crecendo of hatred and discrimination until a catalyst moment, the burning of the Reichstag, when the flood gates were opened and open hostility towards the Jewish people was legitimized.

I would like to suggest to you that in the very near future, if you hold to traditional Biblical views, you will be routed out of the education system. It will no longer be acceptable for Christians who hold certain views to be allowed to teach our children. Positions of authority of any kind, sanctioned by local or national government, will no longer be open to Christians who hold to Biblical authority. Small business people and larger corporations will be targeted if they hold to certain views which are deemed to be unacceptable. This is our brave new world. A sociopathic world where the tolerant are accused of the crime of intolerance by the intolerant.


12 Responses to “Christians in the cross-hairs”

  1. abkeyte said

    Yes, you are right of course. It’s only the Christian or the Jew who is at fault simply because we do look to the Lord rather than to the world for the things we need. And, something is being brewed for the masses that will be the catalyst to even greater hatred and animosity towards us. The media likes to talk about how many mass shootings have occurred this year – trying to insinuate that guns are the problem. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people. They want to disarm us so they won’t have so much rouble with us when they come for us. We need to come to attention, and become fully alert. We are being targeted and the real story is even scarier than what we see on TV. The battle is not against flesh and blood, it is against wickedness in high places. Father, please give our people eyes to see and open their eyes to the truth. Help us to reach out to the lost and the bound while we still can for gross darkness is coming! I pray in Jesus’ mighty name! Amen!

    • appolus said

      “The battle is not against flesh and blood, it is against wickedness in high places.” Indeed brother, indeed. There is a gathering of such forces and it is spilling over into the flesh as it prepares for the final days……………..bro Frank

  2. LAMAD said

    All good and true, dear brother. However, we should not be surprised. This is not our world. This is the world belonging to the prince of darkness. While it is always disturbing to see and hear of the buses against Christians, we must realize we are just visiting a psychopathic and deranged world. Holding strong until the end secures our place in the new home of eternal rest and peace. Always enjoy your posts.

    • appolus said

      Amen LAM, this is not our world. I have been writing for years now about the coming storm and it has been my intention to press home the notion that we as the Body of Christ are not part of this world. Incidents like these, especially as they escalate, should help persuade those in in the Body of Christ who have some kind of hope in the world to realize that there is a day coming soon when all the world will rise against them. Yet I praise God that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world and that those who endure and overcome will have an eternal reward……………………………bro Frank

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  4. Viviana said

    Yes Bro. All over is happening, starting in our own homes, friends, town and expanding outward encircling the whole world.
    I keep the name of Jesus in my lips, heart, and soul all day and night.
    The darkness of people is tangible. This attacks from Satan are speeding in such a way that is hard to digest what had happen last week, yesterday, this morning, in a global, country, state, city and personal level.
    Well it’s all in the Word of our almighty Father, all is written all ready, if we read our Bible daily then we found comfort just knowing that God knows every single thing that was going to take place.
    That it doesn’t mean that I don’t get scared some times but some really unbelievable things had happen in my life lately, just terrifying and on calling the name of Jesus out loud took me through it, seeing that has build my faith, so the next one and I know it will come, I will feel more at ease.
    Oh Lord Jesus, oh Lord Jesus, oh Lord Jesus!!!
    I sing this in my mind all day with a slow soft music, it gives me peace and strength.
    I pray that our Lord keeps all my sisters and brothers strong and alert.

    • appolus said

      Amen Viviana, it is a good thing to keep the name of Jesus close to our lips and hearts. God is in charge and we His people, our steps are ordered of God……………….bro Frank

  5. afchief said

    This will usher in the great falling away (which IMO has already started). Christians will have to choose to serve Christ or serve this world and it’s god. I travel the country in my job and it is not as bad as you think, yet. The majority of people are still conservative and are highly upset with what 0bama and our government is doing. This is where the problem is….our government, media and education system has been taken over by radical socialists. And we Christians are at fault. Because we have run to the security of our four wall churches and have not been “salt and light” in our communities i.e. government, media and the education system, they have fallen to a select few who are shaping our country into something anti-american and anti-christian. We let this happen! It was Christians who voted to put and keep 0bama in office. It was Christians who did not speak out from the pulpit about the evils of this man. It is apparent that pastors fear the government more than they fear God. Follow the money! As Jesus and Paul said you cannot serve God and mammon and the root of all evil is money.

    There is very little wisdom and discernment in the Body of Christ today as evident of the condition of our country.

    I enjoy reading your articles. It is quite apparent that God has given you wisdom and spiritual insight by the articles you write.

    • Viviana said

      You are so right Atchief, we had become a bunch of cowards.
      God honor the peace makers, no the peace keepers who don’t want to make waves because that will be to get out of your comfort zone.
      But the cost is to be call “fanatic or crazy Christian” neither one I’m scare or care when it happens, very often in my life.
      Maybe because I’m 62 years old that I don’t care, I hope it is because my faith and knowledge of the Word of God that is stronger than when I was younger, I’m not sure, OR is because Jesus is coming to get us soon, I like this one the best!!

  6. Penny said

    Brother Frank , I have found the z3news website recently and I believe James Bailey and the other writers/prophets are speaking a similar message to yourself, which you may find interesting (as always, please test the spirits)

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