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Despite is All

Posted by appolus on July 5, 2015

amazing-lighthouse-landscape-photography-4Despite it all-Love
Despite my falls-Love
Oh Father in heaven who could foresee
The tremendous love you have for me

The days are dark and the night is long
Yet within my heart there abides a song
Of Love and joy and the days to come
When the Body of Christ shall stand as one

No longer divided by time and space
But united together to finish the race
Christ the King is on His way
And shall we live to see that day?

We shall sing aloud until the day is done
And stand together we shall stand as one
With a lamp for our feet the night shall be day
And the light shall shine to show us the way

So, despite it all-Love
And despite my falls-Love
Oh Father in heaven give us eyes to see
Your tremendous Love has set us free

One Response to “Despite is All”

  1. sharon said

    You said it for us beautifully, thank you.

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