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Dark comes the night

Posted by appolus on June 27, 2015

stormIt is not a pleasant thing
To walk into the wind
To walk in shades of grey
To dwell where all have sinned

It is a pleasant thing
To walk with you each day
To fellowship , to honor
To worship and obey

Each day the wind grows stronger
And the proud are standing tall
Each day the tide is coming in
And the pillars begin to fall

Truth lies broken in the street
And the structures are on fire
The Vandals and the Visigoths
Draw men into the mire

Sinking, slowly, unaware
Into the miry clay
Rebellious men without a prayer
Sinking deeper every day

When did the day become the night?
And all around is falling
When did the darkness quench the light?
And drown out God’s own calling.

Godless men rejoicing
In the darkness they call light
They are singing and they’re dancing
And arming for the fight

Oh children of the Living God
Find refuge neath His wings
Run now into your Tower
For we can see what this night brings

The hordes of hell are massing
The wolves are circling round
And evil is surpassing
With a mighty rushing sound

Yet Christ in all His glory
Is coming for His own
The culmination of His story
Ends with Him upon His throne

Stand fast ye children of the light
For though the day has come the night
We shall prevail and overcome
For Christ the battle He has won!

3 Responses to “Dark comes the night”

  1. Deborah said

    This is a powerful poem, brother Frank. I’m thinking and praying for my follow believers in America.

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