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The treasures that lie within!

Posted by appolus on June 9, 2015

beamsOur God holds the universe in His hands and yet not a sparrow falls from the sky without His knowing it. He knows every hair of our head, every secret tear, every unseen moment. He surrounds us with inpenatrable light. The children of Israel’s darkest nights were guided by a pillar of fire and a cloud to protect them from the heat of the day. Jesus is the fire of our life, He is our overarching cloud that shields us from the heat of the day. We abide under the shadow of His wings.

In the Old Testament, God poured out fire from heaven and we were touched by His presence. Two thousand years ago He sent an all consuming fire to walk the earth. And although our Lord Jesus returned to His rightful place at the right hand of our Heavenly Father, the fire of life came and dwelt in the very midst of our new hearts. If we will take this fire of our hearts and cover it with the lens of the Holy Spirit then the fire will be magnified and we will send up a beam of light that searches the heavens. And our heavenly Father says this, “I will be found by those who search for me.” What a magnificent sight, if we could see with our spiritual eyes, a million beams of light all pointing up to the heavens from whence our help comes from. And so when once the fire came down and we were undone in the presence of the almighty God, now, the fire is sent up from the hearts of believers to the throne of God Himself, and we commune with Him. This is the very essence of life. It is for this purpose that we were created in the first place. This holy union, man and God united in perfect harmony by the conduit of the Holy Spirit who has magnified the Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts.

How many of us know that the old pagan temples were magnificently ornate with marble and gold and jewels and rich hardwoods? Now the rich live in their own temples filled with their own idols. The richer a man is, the more elaborate are his surroundings. He fills his house with symbols of his wealth and this gives him status among men. In order to gain riches men will literally move mountains in their pursuit of gold. They will mine the depths of the sea to drain it of its oil. They will decorate their mansions with treasures from all over the earth.

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