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What can the righteous do?

Posted by appolus on June 25, 2015

foundationPsa 11:3 If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

We live in days where one may hear the sentiment of this Scripture over and over again. We saints could look around the world and see it burning in the flames of sin and ungodliness. We could have ears to hear despairing thoughts as our eyes behold the ever-increasing darkness that is enveloping us like a creeping fog that rises up from the lower reaches and seems to level everything in wickedness. We undoubtedly live in times where in the secular world and in so much of Christendom the foundations of truth and life and light are being replaced by lies and death and darkness. Yet, what is the foundation of the righteous?

The foundation of the righteous is trust in God. When Davids friends or enemies tried to persuade him to ” Flee as a bird to your mountain,” he starts out by reminding them ” In the Lord put I my trust.” This is our testimony to the world is it not? That we have put our trust in God, in Christ alone for our eternal souls. Now, no matter what is coming upon us, no matter that the pillars of truth and the foundations of righteousness are being torn apart with every passing day with increasing speed and venom, still out trust is in the Lord. This is our testimony. We shall not flee to the mountains but rather we shall stand, even as the whole world is falling around us, for the righteous foundations are ours and ours alone to stand upon.

When the ungodly and the religious can no longer stand then we shall stand. As the world descends into moral and unholy chaos then it is our time to truly stand upon the foundation that belongs to us, Jesus Christ our Lord and the Word and the Spirit which He gave us. When Paul told the folks that he was headed to Jerusalem, they pleaded and prophesied to him not to go there for surely great harm would come to him. What was Paul’s reply?

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