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The Broken Heart of God

Posted by appolus on May 23, 2015

crossThe heart that is open
Is the broken heart
He was wounded for our transgressions
By the stripes upon His back

The branch that is grafted in
Has been broken from the tree
And the root that receives the branch
Was opened up for you and me

A broken branch a wounded Son
A Father’s heart was torn in two
The curtain rent now all could see
The Holiness that came to view

Goodness crushed that we might stand
Cruel nails hammered through His hand
Holiness defiled by sin
That the guilty may be ushered in

Hanging naked on the cross
Agonizing pain and loss
My fellow-man can you not see
He hung there just for you and me

Each blow He took He took for you
His body battered black and blue
No man was ever marred as He
The Son of God upon the tree

Wont you look upon the Son?
And see what you have truly done
Fix your eyes don’t look away
From the One who hung for you that day

Father forgive them our Lord He cried!
As He took you place on the cross and died
Wounded and broken to set you free
His heart spilled out upon that tree

Our God was broken to make you whole
His body crushed to restore your soul
He suffered there the pains of hell
That He might break sins deadly spell

Shall He now have suffered in vain
The agonies, the wounds the pain
The victory that was won that day
Suffers loss if you look away

See your sin upon the cross
See another took your loss
And all for love He died for you
Now I ask you sinner;what shall you do?

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