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Can you hear Me?

Posted by appolus on April 12, 2014

I will never leave you
Can you hear Me?
Can you hear Me in the wind?
Can you hear me?

I will never forsake you
Can you see Me?
Can you see Me in the sunset?
Can you see Me in the heavens?
Can you see Me in the ocean waves?
Can you see that I’m the one who saves ?

I am always near you
Can you hear Me?
Can you hear me in the waterfall?
Can you hear Me when the choir sings?
Can you hear me through all the noise?
Can you hear my still small voice?

I will give you rest for your soul
Can you see Me?
Can you see me in the dawn?
Can you see me in the baby born?
Can you see me on the mountain high?
Can you see my glory fill the sky ?

I can see you Lord!
I can see your glory fill the sky
So vast, I ask myself who am I?
I wonder and fall down upon my face
So small, but yet known by you
My God, my King my everything, my faithful and true

I can hear you Lord!
I still my soul and hear you through the noise
I diligently listen and hear your still small voice
Just one word from you overflows my soul
Each syllable is manna from above
It fills me and fills me and fills me with love!

I see you and I hear you
You walk with me each day
You light my path and feed my soul
You are the one who made me whole
You are my Truth my life my way
You came to me and you came to stay.

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