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A Prostitute’s Investment.

Posted by appolus on April 6, 2014

In the Scriptures there are a few different stories of women with alabaster boxes that anoint Jesus, one story says His head is anointed and another His feet. Some say it was Mary Magdalene and some say it was not. Putting that aside, we do know a woman approached Jesus who had been caught up in many sins and we have supposed over the centuries that this woman had been a prostitute, perhaps the one thrown down at the Lord’s feet. I believe this to be so and we can imagine the horror of the Pharisees that this woman was in the same room as Jesus, never mind coming close to Jesus and touching him. We also know that the Apostles themselves were none too happy with the pouring out of expensive oil, most of all Judas of course.

I would like you to think of this for a moment. A prostitute comes to Jesus and has in her possession, an oil, a fragrance that is worth about a year’s wages. In today’s terms, we see something that may represent the value of an expensive, brand new car. She takes this possession of hers and she pours it out for Jesus. If this woman was indeed a prostitute, then we know where she probably got the money for this oil. Can you imagine this scene. A lifetimes savings, something that would represent this woman’s security for her future, simply poured out over Jesus. This is an incredible thing. This oil is the results of a lifetime of sin. She comes to Jesus and in exchange for a lifetime of sin, which she simply pours out at the feet of Jesus, she receives an eternity of love and forgiveness. And the fact that she was such a ” great sinner,” only meant that she received even more love and forgiveness. Brothers and sisters, this brought me to tears as I considered the open arms of Jesus to the sinner, to the sinner still in his/her sin.

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