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A Prostitute’s Investment.

Posted by appolus on April 6, 2014

In the Scriptures there are a few different stories of women with alabaster boxes that anoint Jesus, one story says His head is anointed and another His feet. Some say it was Mary Magdalene and some say it was not. Putting that aside, we do know a woman approached Jesus who had been caught up in many sins and we have supposed over the centuries that this woman had been a prostitute, perhaps the one thrown down at the Lord’s feet. I believe this to be so and we can imagine the horror of the Pharisees that this woman was in the same room as Jesus, never mind coming close to Jesus and touching him. We also know that the Apostles themselves were none too happy with the pouring out of expensive oil, most of all Judas of course.

I would like you to think of this for a moment. A prostitute comes to Jesus and has in her possession, an oil, a fragrance that is worth about a year’s wages. In today’s terms, we see something that may represent the value of an expensive, brand new car. She takes this possession of hers and she pours it out for Jesus. If this woman was indeed a prostitute, then we know where she probably got the money for this oil. Can you imagine this scene. A lifetimes savings, something that would represent this woman’s security for her future, simply poured out over Jesus. This is an incredible thing. This oil is the results of a lifetime of sin. She comes to Jesus and in exchange for a lifetime of sin, which she simply pours out at the feet of Jesus, she receives an eternity of love and forgiveness. And the fact that she was such a ” great sinner,” only meant that she received even more love and forgiveness. Brothers and sisters, this brought me to tears as I considered the open arms of Jesus to the sinner, to the sinner still in his/her sin.

Her willingness to humble herself and come to Jesus and pour out everything she has at His feet meant that she found redemption right there. Jesus’ arms are still open wide. He came not to condemn but to seek and to save the lost. There is no one beyond His reach and if you read this and think you have went too far, you have sinned too much, can I tell you that this is not true. This means if you humble yourself and come to Jesus and bare your soul to Him, holding nothing back, you will not only find forgiveness but you will find an incredible love and mercy and acceptance. He will wash you clean, He will restore you. Your sins will be cast into the sea and He will never resurrect them again. You will find new life and a new life in Him. The things you did before you will not do again. The living God Himself will take up residence in your heart by the power of the Holy Spirit. Imagine this, just moments before, a woman is the most undesirable person in her community, hated by all and condemned and judged. Now she is forgiven and accepted by the Living God Himself and not only that, He comes to live with her as a sign to all that she has found acceptance with God.

This is no mere story to me. This is also my own story. While I was not a prostitute, I was truly among the chiefest of sinners. I lived a vile self-centered life and indulged myself in most sins. Then I found Jesus. When I approached Him, I was so ashamed but never the less I was drawn closer still. I tried to hide my face because of my own sudden awareness of just how sinful I was. As I stood there in His presence with the light of God shining into every dark corner of my soul I was truly in agony. Yet the depths of that agony was suddenly overwhelmed by an overwhelming love. “He loves me,” my soul cried out, “He loves me.” And I was overtaken by the mystery of redemption and reconciliation. While I was yet in my sin He loved me and it was this love, in the context of truly seeing the depths of my sin, that I was saved. This is the message of Calvary, praise the Lord for the miracle of forgiveness and salvation.

9 Responses to “A Prostitute’s Investment.”

  1. KMH said

    Thanks Brother Frank, Good to wake up and meditate on this.
    Mary chose the better thing; worshiping our Lord Jesus with her best. The fragrance permeates the room as we read about her worship, even today. It is the better thing and can never be taken away. May His people, (churches), stop being man-made broken cisterns that do not hold water. I have been searching for a group to just worship Jesus with. I have been going from church to church and only finding a Judas attitude (if you would just give ME your best then I could…). Just once I would love to see a church with open doors to come and just worship. No agenda except to tarry for an hour in the presence of Jesus with like-minded believers.
    After Mary annoints Jesus’ body, Gethsemane. Then the betrayal and the cross. Then the resurrection! And the Holy Spirit!
    Now we can and should look back in awe and worship. Yet (I believe) we have fallen into the very temptation that Jesus warned of in the Garden of Gethsemane. The church either has Peter’s flesh powered attitude (even if all fall away, I will never fall away) and/or is asleep in grief.
    My prayer is that we can worship this Easter in true AWE! It is finished! He renders the work of the devil powerless! He came that we may have life and have it abundantly!!! Thank you, Remnant Brothers and Sisters. We are few, but He has prayed that our faith may not fail. May we strengthen our Brothers and Sisters with the good news of Jesus who conquered death!!!!(Matthew 26:64).

    • Rich Kelley said

      I’m not aware of scripture that says the women was a prostitute. I’ve read Mark 14:3 and Matthew 26:7, have I missed something some where else in scripture?

      • appolus said

        Hi Rich………….Matthew and Mark describe an unnamed woman from Bethany who Jesus dined with in the home of Simon the Leper just before his death, she anoints his head with expensive oil and the disciples are not happy about it saying that the money could have been better spent on the poor.

        John identifies the woman as Mary of Bethany, Martha’s sister.Luke writes of a “woman of the city, who was a sinner,” who bathes Jesus’ feet in a mixture of perfume and tears, wiping his feet with her hair and kissing them . In this account a Pharisee condemns her and cannot believe Jesus would let here anyway near Him. There is possibly three events here or perhaps just one, in either case there have been centuries of debate over it. My article merely highlights the beauty of love and redemption…………….bro Frank

        • Rich Kelley said

          Thank you for the feedback. It was a women. It really wouldn’t matter who did the anointing, they would be a sinner. The soon to be King and High Priest had to be anointed, and He was.


          • appolus said

            It mattered to me Rich because I was the one writing the story and touched and moved as I considered God’s goodness to even the ones who had been forgiven of ” much.” ………………….bro Frank

          • Rich Kelley said

            The only reason I commented is because I thought there was a lot of made up things in the story, most in fact were fiction, someone is going to read that and believe that is what happened. Then they will make a move that will get a bad review cause it doesn’t follow the Bible close enough, and it will all be your fault Frank. 🙂

          • appolus said

            HI Rich, there is nothing made up in it, you may disagree with certain interpretations. Your opinion that it does not follow the Bible closely enough is noted and we can simply agree to disagree……………….bro Frank

          • Rich Kelley said

            There is a smile missing from the end of my last post.

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