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Sins of the father- I am my Father’s child

Posted by appolus on December 7, 2013

I am fragile I can be broken
Broken by the words spoken
Can’t you see your words are clawing me apart?
Can’t you see how you’re crushing my heart?

How my heart longed to hear warm words spoken
Full of beauty and light from above
Why didn’t you just reach out and touch me?
And cover me and hold me in love.

The broken child in you
Now breaks the child that you can see
Two broken children collide
Only wanting to be free

I am fragile I can be broken
Broken by the words left unspoken
And this  brokenness  is now a void in me
That is deeper and wider than the deepest sea

What can fix a broken heart?
And fill this vast expanse in me
What can fill an endless void?
That’s deeper than the deepest sea

So many tears, enough to fill an ocean
Shed by all the children, broken
A Saviour comes and walks upon this sea of tears
He calms the stormy sea and quells the fears

I have come to mend the broken heart
To heal the wounds where you were torn apart
I have come to set the captive free
To dry up every tear that fills the deepest sea

I hold the universe in my hand
I cause the blind to see and the lame to stand
And every star in the heavens, I know them all by name
And I will touch you and you shall never be the same

The words I speak they are life and they are love
I know every sparrow that falls from above
I created the sun and the moon and the rain
I still the stormy seas and I take away the pain

Come and bring your emptiness to me
And I will fill you with a love that’s deeper than the sea
Come all you broken and contrite
And I will heal you and set you free this night

And so I came and took my Saviour’s hand
Out of the pit on the solid Rock I stand
A broken heart replaced and reconciled
Standing whole and new, I am my Father’s child

And every word spoken, they are life to me
Your love and Your kindness, they have set me free
And by thy Spirit my eternity is sealed
And by thy love my broken heart was healed.

2 Responses to “Sins of the father- I am my Father’s child”

  1. Susanne Schuberth (Germany) said

    Beautifully written, Frank.
    Sometimes I think that the best poems, or art in general, arise from deep feelings, whether blissful or agonizing. I have often wondered about the way Jesus was and is healing deep pain. You wrote about that ocean of tears to which I can relate very well.
    In the beginning of this healing process I thought after such a deep valley of sorrows, “Thank you, Lord, now I am healed.” Alas, that was not the whole truth since after a certain time I felt the same pain once again.
    Again and again, and again…
    One day I asked Him why He didn’t simply “press a button” so that things would be straightened out in the wink of an eye. He answered, “You cannot bear up against all the pain at a single blow.” And thus I watch that vale of tears changing throughout the years; it is as if the Lord were digging deeper and deeper, and someday the root of all pain will be removed and taken away.
    Indeed, His Love is the means by which He heals us. I am thankful that I may know Him and His healing power, and I wish that everyone who is desperate and hopeless because he doesn’t know Jesus Christ yet may come to know Him as He really is,
    “For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” (Ps 100:5)

    • appolus said

      Hi Susanne, thank you for your response. Such a good reply sister. This notion that God simply presses buttons is the mistake of much of the Charismatic movement. I love that Paul had ” learned,” to be content. It is a process of refining fires and passing through deep waters and it is God who works in us for His will and good purposes for His own glory. His love , in the hearts of broken and contrite children, conquers all and restores all that the locusts devoured as the Lord sees fit and as we can handle, not in a single blow as you said sister, but, as it were , precept upon precept, learning upon leaning , ever coming into a deeper knowledge and revelation of who He is and in the midst all all of that we are changed………………….bro Frank

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