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The Final Chapter-The failed system of the church.

Posted by appolus on November 26, 2016

This is the final chapter in my book “The Fall of Christendom.”

This final chapter of the book will look at the failed and fatally
flawed system of church that we have labored under for centuries. I
know that this is a controversial subject and I have lost friends over
this but I must speak what the Lord has laid upon my heart. It is
quite an audacious thing to say that the very system that most of
Christendom labors under is un-biblical and flawed but there it is,
that is what I believe.

The mere fact that it has existed in some
form or fashion for countless centuries in no way legitimizes it. If
it did, then the Catholic Church would be the most legitimate
church that we have. It seems plain enough that in Scripture,
Christians met in their homes and their very homes became places
of worship, houses of prayer if you like. The outside world saw life
in these people, saw love in these people and God Himself added
to them daily. Think about all the church programs that are
designed to get new members or to somehow stop the “revolving
door” and keep the folks who come and visit. Yet the early
believers had no such programs.

What led people to the truth was the very life in those who
represented it. A burning love and passion for Jesus. They had no
desire to bring folks to their particular house, or tell people that
they must hear their particular teacher or pastor, no their singular
obsession and passion was for the one who radically transformed
their lives and it was now no longer them that lived but Christ
lived in them. Therefore they were not afraid to die for Jesus, in
fact, the early Church counted it as a great honor and thanked God
that they were counted worthy to suffer for Him. This was the life
of Christ burning in their bones, coursing through their veins, it
completely dominated their whole lives, their life was about His
life in them and this drew others to Jesus. God Himself was given
all the honor and the glory for the drawing of others to Himself as
of course it should be. Consider the words of

The Lord has not called upon us to form churches. That is not
our business. Would to God men had recognized the fact! A very
different situation would obtain today from what exists, if that
had been recognized. It is the Lord Who expands His Church,
Who governs its growth. What we have to do is to live in the place
of His appointment in the power of His resurrection. If, in the
midst of others, the Lord can get but two of His children, in
whom His Life is full and free, to live on the basis of that Life,
and not to seek to gather others to themselves or to get them to
congregate together on the basis of their acceptance of certain
truths or teaching, but simply to witness to what Christ means
and is to them, then He has an open way….
The Church is not increased by your going and taking a building
and trying to get people to come to it, and to your meetings, and
then forming them, by a church roll, into a local church. That is
not the way. Growth is by Life, and this, to begin with, may be by
the entering into Life of but one soul, and then after a long
waiting time of another; or it may be more rapid. But the point is
that it is increase because of Life. That is the growth of the
Church. For the growth of His Church, the Lord must have Life
channels, Life centers. I believe that, given a Life center, sooner
or later one of two things will happen, that it will be abundantly
manifest that Christ is fully and finally rejected there, or else
there will be an adding, a growth. There is tremendous power in
Life, and the Life of the Lord either kills or quickens. It depends
on the attitude taken toward it. He is a savor of Life unto Life, or
of death unto death. Things can never remain neutral.

You see brothers and sisters, life attracts life. And it is these lives
that form the Body of Christ. It is not our religious clubs or
denominations that form the Body of Christ, it is the life of Christ
in His own that constitute the Body. The Body is scattered
throughout Christendom and for the most is to be found in the
religious clubs and denominations that make up Christendom
today. Yet it was not always that way and it will not always be that
way, indeed, with Christ at the door, there is a calling by God on
His people to come out. In all the lost centuries of Catholic

domination by denomination, rightly called the dark ages, there
was a Pilgrim church, operating outside of the authority of the
ruling religious establishment. This is what kept the light burning
in the world through the dark ages, this was the Body of Christ. All
attempts at keeping any kind of fire burning within religious
establishments always failed in the end. Ultimately religion must
have the authority and for Christ’s own, there is one head of the
Church and that is Christ. Listen to what Broadbent says in the
book “The Pilgrim Church.” ……………………………..

” The histories of the monks and the friars shows that if a
spiritual movement can be kept within the confines of the Roman
Catholic Church or any similar system, it is doomed and must be
dragged down to the level of that which it sought originally to
reform. It purchases exemption from persecution at the cost of its
life. Francis of Assisi and Peter Waldo were both laid hold of by
the same teaching of the Lord and yielded themselves to Him
with uttermost devotion. In each case the example set and the
teaching given gained the hearts of large numbers and affected
their whole manner of life. The likeness turned to contrast when
the one was accepted and the other rejected by the organized
religion of Rome. The inward relation to the Lord may have
remained the same, but the working out of the two lives differed
widely. The Franciscans being absorbed into the Roman system,
helped to blind men to it, while Waldo and his band of preachers
directed multitudes of souls to the Scriptures, where they learned
to draw for themselves fresh and inexhaustible supplies from the
“wells of salvation.” (The Pilgrim Church, pg 117)
You see brothers and sisters, those outside of the religious
structures were able to draw “inexhaustible supplies from the wells
of salvation.” It may have looked to the world that these groups of
pilgrim gatherings that had taken themselves outside of the
religious system would flounder due to lack of leadership and
authority and resources that the Catholic Church brought to bear,
but the truth was quite the opposite. God is well able to look after
His children wherever they may be and He can produce springs in
the desert and cause manna to fall from the heavens as the saints
make their way home to the Promised Land, to that new Heavenly

Jerusalem. It is a narrow and difficult path of course and we can
wonder oftentimes why the wicked seem to prosper and live lives
of relative ease and comfort, but it is the necessary way home. We
may not have ease and comfort in this world and those of the
religious persuasion may sometimes seem to have many comforts
here, but our journey is an eternal one, our Kingdom is not of this
world. We are merely passing through, sojourners and gypsies to
the world, yet God’s ambassadors, pilgrims in a foreign land,
looking to journey home. The travails of the road may seem very
difficult sometimes, very lonely and difficult, but this will only
make our arrival home all the sweeter.

Listen to what Tozer says as he cries out for forgiveness for his
own participation in a religious system that has “robbed ” Christ of
any true authority in the churches and has relegated Him to but a
mere figurehead, a name to rubber stamp man-made
“If I know my own heart it is love alone that moves me to write
this. What I write here is not the sour ferment of a mind agitated
by contentions with my fellow Christians. There have been no
such contentions. I have not been abused, mistreated or attacked
by anyone. Nor have these observations grown out of any
unpleasant experiences that I have had in my association with
others. My relations with my own church as well as with
Christians of other denominations have been friendly, courteous
and pleasant. My grief is simply the result of a condition which I
believe to be almost universally prevalent among the churches.
I think also that I should acknowledge that I am myself very
much involved in the situation I here deplore. As Ezra in his
mighty prayer of intercession included himself among the
wrongdoers, so do I. “O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift
up my face to thee, my God: for our iniquities are increased over
our head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens” (9:6).
Any hard word spoken here against others must in simple
honesty return upon my own head. I too have been guilty. This is

written with the hope that we all may turn unto the Lord our God
and sin no more against Him.
Let me state the cause of my burden. It is this: Jesus Christ has
today almost no authority at all among the groups that call
themselves by His name. By these I mean not the Roman
Catholics, nor the liberals, nor the various quasi-Christian cults.
I do mean Protestant churches generally, and I include those
that protest the loudest that they are in spiritual descent from our
Lord and His apostles, namely the evangelicals.” (Tozer)
He takes no time to discount the Catholics and the liberals,
Jehovahs and Mormons, for it should be apparent to all that they
do not have Christ as their authority, no he takes direct aim at
Protestant churches in general and evangelicals in particular. Their
system of churches is such that the life of Christ must be snuffed
out in favor of the traditions and doctrines of men. Again, saints
are scattered throughout all of these churches, good men and
women laboring under an unbiblical system that always snuffs out
the life of Christ, the authority of Christ, the pre-eminence of
Christ. In the end it is done in favor of their own authority, their
own traditions and their own survival. Notice that in most nondenominational
churches, the pre-eminence passes from Christ to
the preacher/teacher/pastor. We are living in the days of the
personality cult where the man or the woman is lifted up as they
rob and steal from the Word of God for their own fame and

Now the coming of the end of ages is upon us brothers and sisters.
Christ is at the door. Great darkness has covered the land and gross
darkness is almost upon us. There is a gathering storm that is
brewing and the likes of it has never been seen before. Great
persecution has come against God’s people in many parts of the
world and shall now come against the saints in the west who have
been living in relative peace and safety for some time. We have
been living at ease in Babylon but Babylon will take back what it
has given. Saints in the west will lose everything in the coming
persecution prior to Christ returning.

Those of the religious system whose hearts truly belong to the
world and not to Christ will turn upon the saints as the saints begin
to draw back from gross worldliness. The saints will be compelled
to leave their comfort behind in a system that has done all of their
studying for them, their worshipping for them, a system where they
were only truly compelled to give their tithes and offerings and
then sit silent as spectators while they were taught and entertained
by paid professionals. This may seem like a disaster but it will be
the finest thing that ever happened to the Body of Christ. Their
unity, prophesied by Jesus in John 17, will finally begin to
materialize and it will be forged in the fires of blood and
persecution. Ungodly, un-biblical denominational divisions will
begin to evaporate for the saints as they come together and glorify
Christ and witness to the world. Listen to what Spurgeon says of
his own Baptist denomination back in the 1850s as he looks
forward to such a time………………………….
“I say of the Baptist name, let it perish, but let Christ’s name last
forever. I look forward with pleasure to the day when there will
not be a Baptist living. I hope they will soon be gone. You will
say, Why? …………. But, I say, let even England’s name perish;
let her be merged in one great brotherhood; let us have no
England, and no France, and no Russia, and no Turkey, but let
us have Christendom; and I say heartily from my soul, let
nations and national distinctions perish, but let Christ’s name
last for ever.” (C.H. Spurgeon, The Eternal Name, Sermon, May
27th, 1855).
John Wesley said, “Would to God that all party names, and
unscriptural phrases and forms which have divided the Christian
world, were forgot… I should rejoice if the very name
(Methodist) might never be mentioned more, but be buried in
eternal oblivion” (The Works of John Wesley).
Frank Bartleman said this of the pentecostal move of the early
1900’s: “The truth must be told. Azusa began to fail the Lord
also, early in her history. God showed me one day that they were
going to organize… He had me get up and warn them against

making a party spirit of the Pentecostal work. The baptized saints
were to remain one body… Surely a party spirit cannot be
Pentecostal. There can be no divisions in a true Pentecost. To
formulate a separate body is but to advertise our failure, as
people of God. It proves to the world that we cannot get along
together, rather than causing them to believe in our salvation.
‘…That they all may be one… that the world may believe…” (Jn.
17.21)” (Frank Bartleman, Azusa Street).

In the Spurgeon quote, he uses his beloved England as an analogy
of all the various sects and denominations of Christianity. He
would see them all swallowed up for the glory of Christ’s name
and that name alone lifted up. All other names will fail in the
coming persecution. It is only by being identified by Christ and
Christ alone that one will stand in the evil day. For in that evil day
only those churches and denominations who have acquiesced to
the evil authorities will be able to exist. My own prayer would be
that all would stand for Christ in that day and be willing to suffer
and count it a worthy thing to suffer for the name of Jesus and for
that and under that name alone. The sad truth is that already so
many churches and denominations have fallen at the first hurdle
and yet we are merely in the birth pang stages. As the intensity
increases, more and more will fall away from the truth. Yet the
Body of Christ, the true Church of Christ will come forward and be
counted. They will stand in unity under that name which is above
every name. Their light will shine greatly as the greatest darkness
the world has ever known engulfs the world in gross wickedness
and violence. Like gold in the hottest fire, it will simply purify the

A possible scenario for end time events

This subject can be very difficult to approach today because there
have been so many crazy people claiming when the end of the
world would happen. The below scenario reckons on the saints
going through the great tribulation or at least a part of it. Therefore
there is no particular day or hour that is looked for, rather a season,
birth pangs if you like. We are told by Jesus that we should be able

to discern the signs of the times, not the day nor the hour of His
return. In any event, most Peoples of the world and the church
have a difficult time imagining a time where Christians would be
hunted down and killed for the mere fact of being Christian. They
may be able to imagine this in a Muslim world setting, but not in
the West. I do not claim that the scenario below is prophetic, I
merely wish to show you a logical procession of events that could
lead to a world-wide persecution of the true saints.
I think we may all agree that Jesus is coming relatively soon.
Where we may disagree is on the subject of rapture. Let’s assume
there is no rapture and Jesus is coming soon, then the saints will go
through the great tribulation. The Scriptures tells us that it will be
worse than anything that has ever happened before in history, in
fact the Lord must shorten those days for the elects sake or we
would all be dead.

Just 70 years ago, in the heart of educated and cultured Europe, in
a country that pronounced itself to be Christian, an evil man arose
and in six short years, killed six million Jews for the mere fact of
being Jewish. He shoved them into gas chambers and then burned
them in furnaces, men, women and children, sparing none. Now
this is not some Biblical genocide from the ancient world, this is
something that happened just 70 years ago. Now what kind of
events would need to unfold for the world to turn on Christians and
for there to be a coming together of the world religions into one

Let’s say tomorrow there is an attack by Muslim extremists on
multiple cities. New York, Washington, London, Paris Rome and
Moscow are hit simultaneously with nuclear suitcase bombs.
Rather than the three thousand dead of 9/11, there is one hundred
thousand dead in each city. The world is repulsed and is brought
together because of this great tragedy. Fundamentalists of all
stripes are universally condemned and outlawed. To state publicly
that there is only one true religion, only one way to heaven,
becomes illegal. Such people are denounced as those who have
caused all the troubles in the world. They are seen as a cancer on
society which society must rid itself of.

So society gives them a chance to renounce such beliefs. At the
same time, the major religions of the world have a summit. Islam,
Christianity and the Jewish faith come together for a summit in
Rome. Pope Francis leads the summit because he is universally
respected. When the meeting is over they announce that they can
all trace their roots back to Abraham. They say they all worship the
same God just in different ways. They announce that there are
multiple roads to heaven and that to say otherwise is merely hate
speech. They agree to drop Jesus and Mohammed from their
literature and only speak in terms of God and His prophets,
agreeing to stand upon what they agree on and bringing a historic
unity that will usher in a new day, a new order for the world where
there is equality for all.

The vast majority of the world hail this as a great turning point and
rejoice in it. A small minority resist it and in the shadow of the
multiple hundreds and thousands of deaths, the world hates them
with a perfect hatred. They hate them more than the Germans hated
the Jews. The minority cannot find work and are ultimately
arrested for continuing to “share the Gospel.” While they are a
minority, they are still in the millions and camps are set up to
imprison them because the prison system cannot contain them. An
ever-growing hatred by the general public and resentment that they
have to be fed and kept eventually leads to the decision to make it
a capital offense punishable by death to be a fundamental

If I had time and space, I could weave into that scenario the rise of
the anti-christ who orchestrates all of those events and performs
signs and wonders and miracles in front of the whole world to
legitimize what he and the Pope and the religious leaders are
teaching and saying about the minority, the remnant who refused
to bow their knees to such a world religion. I want you to imagine
such a man, before the cameras of the world, healing a man blind
from birth, or raising a man from the dead. The whole world will
follow after such a man, and the world religious leaders who are
now one would verify that he is in fact, God returned.

This is just one possible scenario of end time events. I wanted to
show you that we are but one catalyst away from everything
changing overnight. So many of the building blocks are already in
place and it is time for the saints to arise from their slumbers. We
must be prepared in our hearts and minds and Spirits for what is to
come. I have tried to lay out in this book fundamental truths and
the fact that God is calling His remnant people. I pray that even if
you do not agree with everything that I have written, or even if you
do not agree with most of what I have written, that you were still
blessed in the reading of this book. And so here is my challenge to
all who have made it to this point in the book. I want you “ to


6 Responses to “The Final Chapter-The failed system of the church.”

  1. Very well said my friend. Stand strong. Jesus reigns.

  2. Steve said

    Maybe the great event is nothing so dramatic as the scenarios we always hear, of a satanic world government persecuting all who won’t renounce their belief in Jesus. The enemy tried that repeatedly during the Church’ first centuries, and it didn’t work. He’s clever enough to come up with something else.

    Might he not try quietly subverting Christians’ hearts toward rebellion ? Rebellion, for example, against God’s authoritative moral law, that evil ways can NEVER produce good results ?

    Yet isn’t that what many Christians are currently hoping, and even praying, for…and assured by their “leaders” that God wishes: that a rule of arrogance, contempt and cruelty will “make America great again” ?


  3. Rebecca said

    My husband and I left the organized church 5 or so years ago.It was a very hard because we so loved the people and more importantly GOD was working through us there. I did not recognize this until we had left. Sometimes GOD puts us in the midst of a dark place to be His light.

    During our time there the LORD began to whittle away at belief systems being taught and as questions were presented to the pastor spiritual abuse started to occur. Demonic attacks began in the church and followed us into our home. I will only give two such incidents because they are so relevant to the times we are in:

    One night I was praying for my brother … the pastor … when a voice called me a ‘witch’ … then I felt a pressure on my chest as if someone was pressing down hard on top of me. I cried out to Jesus and His Holy Spirit said, “It s just the accuser of the brethren.” I wish I could give you a sense of the tone and inflection in the LORD’S voice because it was as if He was saying,”Just turn over and go to sleep … “It is only the accuser of the brethren!” If we resist the devil he will flee! Satan is going to come after the children of GOD in the west like never before … If we are not prepared to stand, in Christ, we will fall.

    Another time coming home from a service in which I was called down from the pulpit as I walked through my kitchen a dark voice said, “Have you had enough of this?” I just said ‘no.’ and kept walking, The spiritual attacks increased and eventually we did leave … the LORD did not give us direction to leave I was so weary and made the decision to leave without a prayer. I had just had enough. In this I learned by my failure. We must learn to endure to the end … and we must count the cost beforehand … look to Christ and know we do not see all that He is working out, We can not see the war in the heavenlies but we must stay aware it is taking place. The Holy Spirit reminds us that this is “only temporary” … joy will come in the morning! Jesus is going to come back to avenge His own and the wicked will be mo more.

    I regret leaving that church because there were so many instances where the LORD was tearing down strongholds that had gripped His people there. I was the one Satan attacked over and over again. I was so young in my faith that I did not know how to fight the battles in Christ. I did not know enough scripture to stand still in the power that is our LORD’S. I have repented of this.

    Satan’s attacks are still ongoing and they will get stronger against us as the birth pangs increase. Now is the time to draw close to the LORD in His Word … in prayer … in dying to ourselves. I have learned the fires of this life are to prepare us for what is just over the horizon … the saints will be given over for a time.
    We must learn endurance.

    In 2009 as the newly elected President Obama walked up the stairs from his inauguration ceremony the Holy Spirit said, “Habakkuk.” and “You can not serve two masters.” As I studied Habakkuk I was pressed to write a warning …. we sent 8000 letters out to churches across America calling for repentance and unified prayer. We received many negative responses. There were 30 or so that came to the day of prayer in the church that year. The pastors wife went shopping instead … the pastor himself did not invite the local churches saying. “it was your vision.” I don’t know how many joined us across the nation … we received 2 letters from pastors who had the same warning and were preparing to fall on their faces before the LORD.

    I was then led me to discover a man named John Mulinde from Uganda who, in 2004, was sent by GOD to warn America. You can still hear this “Warning to America” on u tube. It is worth your time … he was another voice GOD used to warn … and his warning was not heeded.

    Just recently the LORD led me to discover a missionary by the name of I. Lilias Trotter who wrote “Parables of the Christ-Life. She gave her all for Christ and her works for Him live on. She has no idea the impact she has had … one day she will. It is the same for true all Christ followers. We will not always see to know how GOD is using us until we face the King on our knees … I so want to feel his hand on my shoulder while He says, “Do not be afraid … welcome.”

    What I know now is that Christ is preparing His bride by taking her through the crucible. In this we are to be anxious for nothing … recognizing these things must come to past. Jesus is separating the chaff from the wheat. Those that think they will stand … on their own … will fall.

    It is a time of preparation … a time to saturate ourselves in the WORD … a time to surrender and allow His Holy Spirit to lead and guide us down the narrow path. It is going to cost … and already has, Friendships fall by the wayside as has some family … we are being taken to a place where all we need is and have is Jesus.

    Jesus came to bring a sword. We must die to the world; our flesh and we must recognize Satanic influences. If we pray for wisdom and discernment it is ours. If we pray for His armor it is ours. If we pray for revelation in truth it is ours. We must die to ourselves in order to live. It is a lonely path and sometimes seems so barren but when I think I can not go on Jesus encourages me, from His Word and His Spirit, to press on. You see we are to speak the truth even if no one listens. We must have the heart of Christ for the lost and hurting … He is our model.

    I am thankful for this site … the LORD provides.


  4. Linda Mann said

    Frank, David and I are very thankful for your posts, we agree totally, you always bring glory to the Lord.

  5. I cannot fathom how anyone, cognizant of the actual condition of the church, would actually believe that Christ is coming back for a bride that is at best wearing soiled garments, shamefully flirting with the world, compromising the very heart of the gospel, all the while calling herself a group of “little Christs.” The real church remains, as you have alluded to, hidden from the institutional, the one prostituting religion. The real church does not NEED a building because every one is a temple of The Holy Spirit. When we, the Church, meet according to His will, we temples of The Holy Spirit, living members of His Bride, worship in spirit and truth, not in temples made by men. Perverse men created a perverse religion that paralleled the Roman and Greek religions, with their “temples” built by men. They, like some heretics, believed that it was in the temple that their gods were present. So too those who revel in the “River Theology,” the Prosperity Doctrine, and those chasing after signs (Look Mom, I can grow out legs!) but not the Creator, have so twisted the gospel. The gospel is so clear and the instructions for the operation of the church so simple and obvious within the New Testament that some are joining the Bride, as she is slowly being restored..
    Be blessed.

  6. Steve said

    Thinking further about the “failed system of the church:” that it’s not really about a system.

    Luke 12:54-56 comes strongly to mind. Jesus words are clear: it’s not about appearances. He is scathing to those who fail to “analyze this time,” looking only at appearances. Note that in this instance it was “the crowds”…not Pharisees and lawyers…whom He called “hypocrites” for their spiritual blindness.

    The failed “system” of the church is its “crowd’s” failure of spiritual perception.

    Analyzing our own time: have the Christian “crowds” shown they are able to even distinguish between good and evil ?



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