A Call To The Remnant

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Posted by appolus on October 22, 2013


One of the hardest things I ever dealt with as a Christian was unforgiveness. In fact, it almost dashed me on its rocks, threatening to undo all the work the Lord had ever done in me. It brought me to a place of great darkness within my soul. I cried out to God that what He was asking me to do, to forgive, was not possible, at least not for me. He was asking me to do something that was simply impossible for me. And of course the truth was, in me, it was impossible, but in Him, all things are possible. I wrote the poem below to speak to this subject of forgiveness and the great danger of un-forgiveness.

How many times should I forgive
Once or twice or seven?
How is it that I should walk
As one whose been forgiven?

You ask me to forgive them Lord
I scream out loud to you
Your asking me to do something
That is impossible to do

For many days and weeks and months
It’s been impossible to sleep
My heart and soul is overwhelmed
By the darkness that I reap

For first when I came into this cave
The darkness was my friend
It caressed me and consoled me
I was not required to bend

How wretched is this place I’m in
This place where I cannot forgive
A place where I am slowly dying
A place for those who cannot live

And then my God He came to me
And found me on the floor
And said ” My child, follow me
You shall not dwell here anymore”

And I cried out ” Lord your asking me
To do something that can’t be done”
And now the darkness overwhelms me
It seems the darkness it has won

“There was never any darker place
Than on dark Calvary
And in the very midst of darkness
It was there I came to set you free”

” I died for those you can’t forgive
And justice now belongs to me
It’s by my Spirit and not your might
And this to you is my guarantee”

” Open up your heart and live
And you shall have the power to forgive
And you will see the battle won
When you can say not my will, but thine be done”

And now the light it floods my soul
I am no longer in my cave
These days are marked by heaven’s light
These days that I forgave

Do you dwell in such a darkness?
Has your days turned into night?
Do you dwell within a prison?
Do you walk without the light?

There is no power within your flesh
To deal with un-forgiveness
In Christ alone you’ll find the power
To truly be a witness.

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