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Posted by appolus on October 22, 2013


One of the hardest things I ever dealt with as a Christian was unforgiveness. In fact, it almost dashed me on its rocks, threatening to undo all the work the Lord had ever done in me. It brought me to a place of great darkness within my soul. I cried out to God that what He was asking me to do, to forgive, was not possible, at least not for me. He was asking me to do something that was simply impossible for me. And of course the truth was, in me, it was impossible, but in Him, all things are possible. I wrote the poem below to speak to this subject of forgiveness and the great danger of un-forgiveness.

How many times should I forgive
Once or twice or seven?
How is it that I should walk
As one whose been forgiven?

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I’ll pick up my cross

Posted by appolus on June 22, 2013

In an age where there is an assault on the work of Calvary and the work of forgiveness and the ongoing forgiveness that we experience as we pick up our cross daily and follow Jesus down the narrow path of sanctification, the Lord gave me these words below. I pray that it edifies the saints.


Lord let my flesh be crucified
That thou oh Lord be glorified
When they look at me please let them see
Christ my Lord and Calvary

Forgiveness begins
At the foot of the cross
It was there that I gladly
suffered the loss

Of my life, of my sin
Of all that I am
I was washed in the blood
The blood of the Lamb

So I’ll pick up my cross
And follow this day
The Lord my Redeemer
Who alone is the way

Redeemed by the blood
Refined by the fire
It’s the narrow path
That takes me up higher

Higher and higher
And higher to thee
Because of the blood
That has set me free

I shall humble myself
In the sight of my King
He shall raise me up
With the angels to sing

Glory, glory
Glory to thee
Released from my chains
And gloriously set free

And Christ my King
Is still on the throne
He never leaves nor forsakes me
I am never alone

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