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The crisis of the age

Posted by appolus on April 19, 2013

In North America the word of God has been proclaimed probably more than any other nation on earth. There is such a low view of who God is across the west in general. Some kindly grandfather? a benevolent santa clause? A buddy?. Of course He is none of these things, He is high and lifted up, the train of His robe fills the temple, He is majestic in holiness, He is aweful, meaning full of awe. Those around His throne can only cry out “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God almighty.’ And it came to pass, when the priests were come out of the holy place: (for all the priests that were present were sanctified, and did not then wait by course: Also the Levites which were the singers, all of them of Asaph, of Heman, of Jeduthun, with their sons and their brethren, being arrayed in white linen, having cymbals and psalteries and harps, stood at the east end of the altar, and with them an hundred and twenty priests sounding with trumpets:) It came even to pass, as the trumpeters and singers were as one, to make one sound to be heard in praising and thanking the LORD; and when they lifted up their voice with the trumpets and cymbals and instruments of music, and praised the LORD, saying, For he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever: that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the LORD; So that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud: for the glory of the LORD had filled the house of God. (2 Chron 5:11-14) Unless the people have an encounter with such a God, they will continue to have a low view of Him and worship some weak anemic cultural god of their own making. What cannot be learned by a thousand excellent sermons , can only be learned in the genuine presence of God.

The church in the west is starving to death, they are dying of thirst and the tragedy is that for the most part, the majority that are called after His name do not even know that they are in the midst of a famine and drought. I thank God for His remnant people who do know. Who agonize over the state of the church. Who cry out to God and who want nothing less for the multitude of people to experience the majesty and the glory and anguish and the joy of falling down before the throne, to be ruined for life and to walk with the grand obsession of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is coming a time, and we may be there already, when God is calling His people, His remnant people, who have experienced the presence of God, to rise up and testify to it. To testify of what they know of Him. Of how they come into the presence of a Holy and majestic God, of how it ruins them and changes them, of how they tremble before the throne of the almighty God. This is what the people are starved of, this is what they are dying of thirst from. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land, not the Word preached, but the Word preached with the power and the presence of God. The crisis of the age is a lack of God’s empowering presence in our assemblies.

5 Responses to “The crisis of the age”

  1. Maureen said

    Amen! American christians call YHWH and Yeshua their friend. They are not our “friends.” YHWH is our Creator Father and Yeshua is our Messiah and need to be revered accordingly. AMerican christians have a proclivity to bringing them down to our level……how disrespectful and arrogant. This is in direct correlation to the state of the church and bending to the culture around us instead of leading the culture.

    • appolus said

      Certainly Maureen, the world seems to have triumphed over Christendom in that it’s influence has greatly shaped it as opposed to the other way around. But , of course, God has His Church and hell itself shall not prevail against it. One more point, I come from Scotland and many in Christendom there also have the same attitude about God being more like a santa clause or a kindly old grand father……………..bro Frank

      • Maureen said

        It is sad to know that this disrespect is all around us. I do pray for YHWH’s will in all of this and do rejoice that there is a remnant out there that is steadfastly faithful to our Savior and Father. The war is already won! Thank you, Yeshua!

        • appolus said

          Yes indeed, there is and always has been a remnant and it does the heart good to know that the Lord has His people everywhere. There is still a light shining in the darkness of this world. The more the darkness falls, the more the remnant begin to stand out for they are salt and light…………….bro Frank

  2. W.E. Smith said

    There is a reason, I believe, that many do not know this God they profess and sing about – and it is this. They simply will not let Him penetrate them deep enough for Him to register His life in their inner most being. We will never truly know Him as something outside of us – those times are over, He is now manifesting Himself in the inner man of those who have crumbled on His alter, and let themselves be poured out before Him. We must know Him as our very life or we will not know Him at all. This is how Jesus knew His Father. Do you see this saints? Really? Be honest now – is this God you serve something outside of you, someone up there, out there somewhere? Or is He within? Is He your very breath and life? Now be careful if you truly want to know Him this way, for it comes at a cost, a heavy cost, an ultimate cost. The price is your very life. We will meet Him on the basis of life and truth or we wont meet Him at all. “Grace and truth” is an inner-known reality, unlike the law or a teaching or religion which is superficial, sustained on the surface, always requiring resuscitation. You only truly know something when it gets inside you, and you get inside it. To become one with someone else (as in a true marriage) is the only way to really, deeply, ultimately know them. “Always learning and never coming to the knowledge of the truth” More books, more teaching, more great sermons – RUBBISH! Die and then then you will know Him, because only then will you live and move and have your being in Him.

    (From Austin-Sparks)

    You desire truth in the inner being. (Psalm 51:6)

    In the course of our spiritual history God deals with us in ever-deepening ways. Down, down, down, He goes, until He touches bottom to have things true at our very depth. He undercuts all our professions, doctrines, assumptions, pretensions, illusions, and customs…. There is no mere formalism about this; no mere Jewish ritual in this; no mere outward observance of rites and ceremonies in this! No! This has got to go right into the inmost being, in the inward parts. God works toward that. God is ever working toward the most inward parts. Do you recognize that? Do you understand what He is doing with us? Oh, He will meet us with blessing on a certain level, as we walk before Him, like the man in Psalm 1. He will meet us with His gracious provision when we transgress and trespass and fail, and do wrong – He will meet us there in grace. But God is going to pursue this matter to the most inward place of our being, and register there His work of grace and redemption.

    The Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, are characterized by this one feature – truth! And God desires and has set His heart upon having people who are partakers of the Divine nature, and so He is working ever more deeply toward this end: what is true of Himself shall be true of His children – those begotten of Him – that they should be true sons of God in this sense.

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