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Have you seen the King?

Posted by appolus on April 2, 2013

Have your eyes beheld the King of glory? Have you seen Him? Has He ruined you for this life? Is He your burning passion? Do you follow hard after Him with all that is within you? Are you sold out to the glory of God? Do you want to come into the Glory, His presence? We cry to you Lord, hear our cry. Lord in the desert you asked your people to prepare themselves three days and then you manifested your presence, and the mountains shook, and the thunder roared and the lightning flashed across the sky and then the heavenly trumpet blew and the people cried out, and they would surely die at even this limited revelation. They cried out and Moses , your servant veiled his face for his very face glowed, it glowed, it was lit up, it had , in a very limited way, saw the king of glory. Your prophet cried out “My eyes have seen the king,” and you oh Lord sat upon your throne and the train of your robe filled the temple. You were high and lifted up and the prophet thought that he would surely die in your presence , he thought that your glory would destroy his flesh yet you sustained him and allowed him to testify of your glory. Praise you king of glory, praise you Lord almighty, for the earth is yours and the fullness of it, all the world and those who dwell in it. Let us have clean hands and a pure heart, and let our heads be lifted up to see the glory of the living God, let us open the doors to the most intimate chambers of our hearts and the King of Glory shall come in, you are the King of glory oh Lord Jesus, mighty in battle. We worship you Lord Jesus and we follow you into battle for you are our commander of the heavenly hosts. You ride upon the skies of love and glory. The momentum of Calvary drives out every demon and chases them to the ends of the earth and every time they raise their dark heads the King of glory, Jesus , our Lord and Saviour dispenses His light and there is victory. Victory in Jesus, our Saviour forever. At the cross at the cross where we first saw the light, and the burden of our souls was rolled away. Just like the stone that held Lazarus in his grave, when that stone was rolled away and you shouted come forth, then we came forth from death into your marvelous light. No longer dead in our sins and trespasses, no longer children of darkness , no longer cowed by the sting of death for death had lost its sting and the grave was defeated and now we are children of the light , we are your children set upon a hill for all the world to see. We are as a lighthouse that shines out its light into the darkest nights and into the fiercest of storms .

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