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The Glory

Posted by appolus on April 9, 2013

What is the glory of God? We hear it used so often in Christian circles, but do you really know what that is? Is it just a description , an adjective, something to describe what you imagine God is like or what it is like to be in His presence? The truth is, the glory of God is God Himself. Wherever He is, then there is the glory. It is a dwelling place, it is His dwelling place. Moses had to put off his shoes because he was standing on holy ground. Now, was the ground holy before the Lord came? Was it holy after He left? What about the burning bush? When God inhabited the burning bush then the bush was God and could not be consumed by fire. Yet when the Lord left the bush was just a bush. Does God dwell in temples made by human hands? Is a church building holy? What is a building without the manifest presence of God? What is a person without the manifest presence of God operating in their lives? Where is the glory outside of the presence? How can the world see a manifestation of His presence if that manifestation of that presence cannot be seen in His children? We know that after Moses spent time in the manifest presence of God that his face actually glowed.

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