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Darkness is coming, but oh the glory of the Light!!!

Posted by appolus on April 14, 2013

There is a great multitude today who are desperately hungry and thirsty. All over the world the people dwell in great darkness and the darkness increases every day. Hell has opened its vaults and is beginning to spew forth evil with increasing speed and urgency because it knows its time is short. There is a desperate darkness coming and it is coming at us with alarming speed. Yet, as in the time of Noah, the world is ignorant of the impending disaster about to befall it. Like the children of Israel when Jesus says ” O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the one killing the prophets and stoning those who are sent to her, how often would I have gathered your children together, even as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you would not!” Jesus wept because He knew that less than forty years after His death and resurrection that the whole system would come tumbling down. The Temple would be destroyed and the Israelites would be no more as a nation and they had absolutely no idea. In those days, it was unimaginable that their Temple, their country, their way of life would be swept away and that they would be scattered to the four corners of the earth. It is equally unimaginable to so many that the church system that we know now, could and will be completely consumed by Babylon and turn on God’s remnant children. Yet brothers and sisters, that is exactly what is to come as this great Babylonian whore church comes forward and worships the anti-christ. And despite all this, God’s children will shine brightly in the darkest days the world has ever known. So full of the Spirit, walking in the presence of God. A blood bought remnant people whose desperate desire is to follow Him to Calvary and beyond, so that their eyes will see the Glory of the Living God cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. If persecution brings out the glory in the saints, if persecution takes place all over the world as it has never before, then so to will God’s glory, a manifestation of Jesus, be revealed to the world. It will be clear to the world what they are rejecting and then the King shall appear. Oh for the day of His appearance when every eye shall see Him and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that He is Lord to the glory of God

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