A Call To The Remnant

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A Holy seperation.

Posted by appolus on April 16, 2013

There is a separation process. Perhaps even the sheep from the goats. I believe that the Lord will use hunger and thirst to separate His people. This is why I believe there is a famine going on, a drought across the land. What had been taken for granted years ago has been withdrawn. The void has been filled with soulish activity. The problem with soulish activity is that it can never satisfy, can never sustain you. What will truly separate God’s people from this world? What will it take? I am not quite sure, but I know that God is coming down. There are five virgins and they have oil in their lamps. Why are the lamps not trimmed? Where is the light? For anyone who has experienced the presence of God, nothing else is acceptable. Its not good enough to stand outside the door, its not good enough to remain in the courtyard, one must enter in. And the only way to enter in is to pass the alter, the brazen alter. What will we bring as a sacrifice? How will we humble ourselves? What state are we in? Are we able to look at ourselves? We expect to see the power of God without the sacrifice. We expect that God will come down and legitimize our ministries, He will not. God will come down for His glory and for the love of His people. He will hear their cries, He will see their afflictions, He will see a people ready to glorify Him for no other purpose than to glorify Him.

He will not honor nor will he manifest Himself to those who seek to honor themselves.He will honor the genuine worship of His people. He is not conjured up by louder music nor by drum beat. There is not a lot of noise before the presence of God, before His majesty, all are hushed and awe descends like a blanket upon the heads of His people and their heads are bowed and their hands raised up and trembling. Not because they were instructed to bow their heads, raise their hands ,sit , stand , jump . No, no, not in the presence of God. One assumes a position before the living and the mighty God just as a natural instinct. No instructions are required as one is prostrate in His holiness. Every part of who you are is penetrated by His light. It is glorious and traumatic all at the same time. And the oil that dwells within your chest is set aflame by this light, this fire from the throne itself. “Did not our hearts burn within us as we walked with Him?” All things are possible, eternity stretches out before us and we never want to leave that place. The candlestick burns. God speaks, sin melts like wax, refining, yes refining. We offer ourselves and the dross that lies within and the Lord says “Come.” So what will bring this presence down? An awareness of the time? Death to business as usual? Genuine desire? A return to the biblical example of church? All of these things brothers and sisters, but most of all, when we give Him our whole hearts. Today we have many man centered churches, programs of men, teachings of men,musical programs. None are bad in and of themselves, they are just not God ordained, God centered. Outside of His presence and a desperate desire to be in His presence, all we have is religious social clubs.

4 Responses to “A Holy seperation.”

  1. thirst4god said

    Great post

  2. Leslie Manto said

    Thank you, brother Frank for continuing to warn and prepare. It seems there is always a great quiet before the storm that lulls one into a false security. We must stay vigilant. He is our strength and shield, our saving strength and thus we can rejoice greatly:)
    Sister Leslie

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