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In the Shadow of Jerusalem

Posted by appolus on March 21, 2013

In the shadow of Jerusalem
My Christ He died today
For you and I, He died alone
On the rugged cross He’d stay

He did not die within the walls
He died outside the gate
He died that you and I may live
To make the crooked path straight

He did not die a rich mans death
On Him our sins were cast
A thief on either side of Him
He gave up the Ghost at last

Now into the grave they put our Lord
Where all dead men are placed
Yet this was the mighty Son of God
Whom God Himself would raise

And on the third day He arose
And death had lost its sting
The grave had lost its power
Yet the earth had gained its King

All glory to the King of Kings
All hail Emmanuel
No power on earth could hold Him down
Not even the power of hell

The Lord our God is coming soon
He is coming for His own
And men from every tribe on earth
Shall gather round His throne

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
Can you hear the angels sing?
All glory to the risen Lamb
All glory to the King

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