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Unconcious Christianity

Posted by appolus on March 7, 2013

The essence of unconscious Christianity is being unaware of your true spiritual state. By that, I do not mean your standing before God, nor do I mean carnal Christianity, if there is such a thing. I mean, a man must never believe that he has arrived. How many of us have thought we have learned a lesson, only to fail the very same lesson days later? What great things the Lord does when a man does not even realize he is being used. The greatest humility comes when we look full into His face. When we look at worship, worship vanishes, when we look at humility, pride finds a way in. In looking at any of the virtues of Christianity, one must take his eyes of Jesus and look to the left or to the right in front or behind. Yet to look into the face of Jesus and see the glory of God, this is where we are rightly shaped.

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