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Keep you eyes on the prize!

Posted by appolus on March 13, 2013

In 1911 there were few great adventures left, few places on earth not already discovered. One of the last places on earth for men to explore was the Antarctic, the South pole. A race of epic proportions took place between Captain Scott and his British team, and Amundsen and his Norwegian team.There are many reason why Amundsen won the race, but I am more interested in how victory affects our attitude, and how that in turn affects everything that we do. When Captain Scott and his team finally arrived at the South Pole, they were devastated to find the Norwegian flag already planted, it was clear they had lost the race. Eight hundred grueling miles in one of the most inhospitable places on the planet, only to find they had been beaten. Amundsen and his team managed to race back home in record time, knowing fine well that the world waited to laud and to cheer on the victors. Fame and glory awaited them and they ran towards the prize. Scott and his team, on the other hand, had no such glory awaiting them, and they struggled, monumentally struggled to trek back the eight hundred miles they had just came. Sadly, every member of the team died in the effort, laden down with problems, and with biting bitterness and disappointment, they all died, one by one, in the frigid wastelands of the bottom of the earth. Brothers and sisters, we are walking in victory, the prize is already won. Do you run this race of life as one who knows that victory is theirs ? Is that your attitude to life? Or perhaps you walk this life, defeated by circumstances, ready to fall in a frozen wilderness? Remember, both teams faced the same conditions. The difference between life and death for these two teams was that one was victorious and the other was not. The last of the Scott team was found dead just 11 miles from a full supply of food. We, brothers and sisters are marching home on the back of a victorious risen Christ. The source of everything we need lies within our very hearts. Rise up today in victory with the full assurance that He will meet our every need and that glory awaits at the end of this journey. Keep your eyes on the prize.

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