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A Pauper and the King

Posted by appolus on March 5, 2013

Jesus is such a friend to me. I was broken and crushed. He healed me, He gave me life where there was death ,He raised me from a terrible living death. I was also diagnosed with an incurable disease shortly after I was saved 22 years ago ( pulmonary fibrosis, stage three with irreversible fibrosis) He healed me. Yet that healing pales in comparison to the eternal healing of my crushed heart and broken spirit. I was a captive to so much sin and He set me free. A friend ? Ah, the word seems to fall so short does it not? Yes my King calls me friend and my heavenly Father invites me to come and speak with Him before His throne. I, a pauper, born and raised in poverty, and He, the King of Kings in all His glorious majesty. It is such a wonder.

I, a pauper, raised in poverty
You, the King, in all your glorious majesty
Oh my Lord how can it be
That you would deem to speak to me?

Born in a hovel, raised amongst sin
Yet one glorious night the King walked in
Into the darkness and filth you came
My family and I were never the same

You raised up this pauper and called him your friend
You took what was broken, which no one could mend
You restored me and loved me and filled up my cup
I fall to my knees with my hands lifted up

I praise you oh God in heaven above
You restored what was broken by heavenly love
How deep was that love that refined all the dross?
I need look no further than Calvary’s cross

There you suffered and bled and died for me
You hung on that cross that I may be free
Free to love and look toward heaven
Free to live, my sins now forgiven

It’s a wonder, it’s a glory, it’s beyond comprehension
That we will follow your glorious ascension
And dwell in the courts of our Father above
And dwell forever in your eternal love

We shall Still Be One

Verse 1

When the rivers all run dry
And the sun falls from the sky
Then the stars in the heavens above
Will be a witness of our love
And when all is said and done
We shall still be one


So the winds shall blow
And the rains shall fall
And we shall still be standing tall
Through every fire and every night
Together, forever we shall stand and fight

Through every fire and every night
Together, forever we shall stand and fight

Verse 2

When the mountains all bow down
And all the kings have lost their crowns
Yet we shall still be strong
When all other love is gone
When all is said and done
Then we shall still be one


Verse 3

When the desert sands stand still
And we have climbed every hill
And our time on earth’s no more
And we walk on through that door
When all is said and done
We stood together as one


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