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My chains are in Christ

Posted by appolus on October 16, 2012

Brother and sisters, can you say that your chains are in Christ and because of your chains others are emboldened? This is one of the cries of God’s Remnant children. Its one of the marks of the royal priesthood. When Paul was in chains for Christ his attitude in the midst of it, his joy, his peace, his awareness of the presence of God was encouraging to those saints who were not yet in chains. As they saw the example of Paul ( in Philippians 1) they were deeply encouraged and emboldened to see that despite any set of trials, they served an overcoming God.  This dear saints, is the perseverance of the saints. You might not suffer actual chains ( although that could change soon) but you may lose your job, you may get a devastating diagnosis from the doctor, any number of bad reports you may receive, how will the world see you when you are in ” your chains?” Will they see the glory of God? God is raising up, for such a time as this, just such a paradoxical people. A people who will rejoice when the world weeps. A people who will serve when the world demands service. A people whose joy cannot be robbed by poverty or affliction. A people unmoved by the ” American dream,” and the prosperity of this world. A people who know that their Lord is magnified in their weaknesses. A people who have learned to be content whether with much or with little, whether people are singing their praises or wringing their hands. Can you glorify the Lord in the midst of refining fires? By the power of the Spirit of God and a broken and a contrite heart you can and you will.

To be chained in Christ
Is to be free indeed
Free to die and free to bleed
Free to walk the pilgrim way
Free to die to self each day

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