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Let the skies fall down

Posted by appolus on October 30, 2012

Let the skies fall down
Let them fall before your crown
Let the seas rise up
They could never fill your cup
You drunk down all the fires of hell
And forever broke sin’s deadly spell

Let the rivers run deep
As they see you come they weep
Let the stars fall from the sky
Let every hand be raised on high
At Golgotha you broke every chain
And now forever you shall reign

Let every valley flood
And be filled with precious blood
From the veins of Calvary
That were drained for you and me
That we may lift our voice and sing
Of Christ the Lord our risen King

Let the mountains touch the sky
And shout aloud as they reply
To the mighty rushing wind
That testifies that all men sinned
And speaks to men in pain
Ye men you must be born again!

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