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Here is love, vast as the ocean!

Posted by appolus on October 13, 2012

Oh the glory saints, the glory of God’s love vast as the ocean. I came across this version today in Welsh

I cant speak Welsh, but my spirit witnesses with this and soars to think of this and makes me think of the glory of God and why they could not get them to leave prayer meetings in the Welsh revival. Its the presence of God, it’s the majesty and the glory and the holiness. Its the beauty of Holiness. Oh for the days saints when we come to dwell forever in this majesty. This is why Paul can count all things as rubbish. To be found in Him, to know Him, to rest in the excellency of the knowledge of our Jesus. Oh that that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, that my spirit would soar in glorious majesty and be oblivious to my circumstance but only be found in Him. I would love to be so lost in Him that when they come and look for me I cannot be found, only Jesus, only Jesus, all for Jesus…………..bro Frank

I want to be so lost in you
And have my heart be pure and true
That when they come and look for me
It’s Christ alone that they shall see

Look into the depths of me
Is it Christ my Lord you see?
Walk with me along the way
Have you walked with Christ today?

Listen to me share my heart
Do you wanna be a part?
Of Christ the Lord my risen King
And to His throne your treasures bring

When I’m caught up in the waves
Can you see the Christ that saves?
When all the world has turned on me
Is it Christ that they shall see?

When it’s time for me to die
Will I raise my hands on high?
And sing aloud with all my might
Of Christ my King, a glorious sight

2 Responses to “Here is love, vast as the ocean!”

  1. Leslie Manto said

    Dear Brother Frank,
    I know you are a man of God of the Word. I am overwhelmed at the writing and songs and poetry that God has given you, but I would like you to know I will pray for you and your family because I believe He is speaking through you to encourage and strengthen the saints for this time in history.
    In Christ,
    Sister Leslie

    • appolus said

      Dear sister Leslie. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I take them to heart and you have spoken into my spirit. I don’t often say that. Your comment is just so timely as well which makes it more significant to me, I truly believe the Lord has spoken to me through you, thank you for your obedience sister………………….bro Frank

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