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Can you lay down in the boat?

Posted by appolus on February 24, 2012

Just a couple of years after coming to Jesus I was diagnosed with a disease that was supposed to kill me. It was the best thing that  could have happened to me. Right there, as a young Christian, I discovered that the steps of a righteous man are ordered of God. It became one of my life Scriptures, the depths of it were emblazoned on my heart. The truth is that we leave this planet when the Lord deems it. There is no power in heaven or earth that can override our God. If He wants to take us home He will take us home, if He does not then here we stay until He calls us away. There is great rest in this.

I think of Hudson Taylor, when he was working in London and before he ever got to China, accidentally injected himself with a poison that would surely kill him, at least according to his colleagues who told him to go home and put his house in order. Yet, Hudson Taylor was able to say that God had called him to China, and therefore death was not for him. And even although death came knocking on his door, it gained no entry because the Lord had work for brother Hudson to do. And that is how it is brothers and sisters. Below are the two poems I wrote just shortly after death had come knocking at my own door. The second one describes a place I found myself in that was a wonder, in fact a place that I missed often when it was all over. There is a place of rest in the middle of the mightiest of storms, and the world looks on astonished for it is a supernatural place.

Can I walk upon this water
In the midst of this mighty sea
Surely I will stumble, surely I will drown
Oh Lord how can this be

The waves are high and the wind it howls
And the rain it lashes down
Yet you are there, I see you Lord
Now I know I shall not drown

Then the thunder roars and the lightning flashes
High above in the angry skies
Dark clouds rising, set on fire
To them do I lift my eyes

Heavier now the rain is falling
The noise so loud I cannot think
The lightening fractures the sky above
And my legs, they begin to sink

I look around , eyes wide with terror
As all this madness does unfold
I look once more, there , it’s Jesus
In the midst of the storm , standing bold

I am your peace when all hell breaks loose
Devils and demons flee
In the storm, in the night, when all breaks down
Remember , keep your eyes upon me.
I have been to a glorious land
That is far beyond what I had planned
Beyond this world and all it’s dreams
That lies in the shadow of His Holy wings

I followed Him and we took flight
And He carried me on beyond the night
Through a Vail of darkness , pain and fear
My sweet Jesus was oh so near

Majesty , glory, praise to our King
There are no words that I can sing
That would fully express what He is to me
As He carried me across a majestic sea

Mountainous waves rose up to fight
Yet in His hand I was held so tight
Farther, farther, farther along
In an ocean of praise , and on the wings of a song

He took me to the promised land
And I lay down in the palm of His Hand
At the top of the mountain, at the bottom of the sea
In the darkest dungeon, no matter, for I am free

This last piece is what brother Algerius wrote from the dungeon just before he was martyred about 500 years ago.

In a dark hole I have found pleasure; in a place of bitterness and death, rest and hope of salvation; in the abyss or depths of hell, joy; where others weep, I have laughed; where others fear, I have found strength; who will believe this? In a state of misery I have had very great delight; in a lonely corner I have had most glorious company, and in the severest bond, great rest. All these things, my fellow brethren in Jesus Christ, the gracious hand of God has given me. Behold, He that at first was far from me, is now with me, and Him whom I knew but a little, I now see clearly; to whom I once looked from afar, Him I now behold as present; He for whom I longed, now offers me His hand; He comforts me; He fills me with joy; He drives from me bitterness, and renews within me strength and sweetness; He makes me well; He sustains me; He helps me up; He strengthens me. Oh, how good is the Lord, who does not suffer His servants to be tempted above that they are able I Oh, how easy, pleasant and sweet is His yoke I Is there any like God the Most High, who sustains and refreshes those that are tempted? He heals them that are bruised and wounded, and restores them altogether. Isa. 41; 43:20. None is like Him. Learn, most beloved brethren, how sweet the Lord is, how faithful and merciful; who visits His servants in trial (Isa. 43:2); who humbles Himself and condescends to be with us in our huts and humble abodes. He gives us a cheerful mind and peacef ul heart.

2 Responses to “Can you lay down in the boat?”

  1. Brother Frank….I don´t get a chance to respond to your excellent articles like i would like to. I just want you to know that they minister to me wonderfully. Let me relate an incident that happened to me and my family recently.
    Myself, my wife Susie, and my son Caleb went to town to buy some hardware supplies for the mission. I parked my truck in the parking lot and went into the store while Susie and Caleb remained in the truck. While i was in the store someone threw a hand grenade. The grenade landed about 10 feet behind my truck and exploded. Susie and Caleb went into hysterics because they didn´t know what was going on inside the store. Susie called me on my cell phone, but was so hysterical that i couldn´t understand what she was saying. I ran outside and the parking lot was emptying out, people were running everywhere. I jumped in the truck and we got out of there fast. This wasn´t an attack upon us personally, we merely was at the wrong place at the wrong time and got caught in a cross fire between the cartels. Never the less, we are living in a dangerous world, and it is very comforting to feel the presence of our God with us at all times. Bless you for blessing us with your insightful word brother Frank.

  2. appolus said

    Dear brother Robert, undoubtedly the hand of the Lord is upon you and your family. Your whole experience in Mexico is one big boat brother, one big storm. None of us here in America or in the West have to worry about having a hand-grenade tossed at us. Yet you have commited your lives into His hand. I praise the Lord for that. Please pass on my prayers and blessings to your dear wife and family. Let them know that they have my thoughts and prayers. I do not believe in co-incidences by the way Robert, this upsetting attack that you and your family experienced was undoubtedly an attack by the enemy, I have no doubt about that. The man throwing the grenade may have had no desire to harm you guys, but the spirit behind the man had every intention of sowing terror into your souls. In the mighty name of Jesus may it not stand. Father as I bring my brother and his family before your throne even now, will you bless them with peace in the midst of the storm. Will you give them eyes to only every look at you and not the circumstances they may find themeselves in. For you are the Lord of all circumstances. This family serve you Father, they are you servents and it is you who determines their paths and that path that you have for them will not be thwarted. We praise you Lord and magnify you this day for the safety of my brother and His family. May he continue, by your Spirit, to do damage to the evil one’s kingdom in the mighty name of Jesus we pray…………………..bro Frank

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