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Can the world hear your hammer? I feel the rain!

Posted by appolus on February 29, 2012

A dear brother used a phrase recently that kinda caught my attention. He wanted to know if we could hear the sound of the hammer blows as Noah built the ark. The sound of the hammer was undoubtedly the sound of salvation and the sound of judgment.

The need for personal and corporate revival has never been greater than it is today. There was a time of wickedness when men did only what was right in their own eyes. They were lawless, they were a law unto themselves. And in the background they could hear a hammer. As they went about their business, buying and selling and marrying and giving in marriage, there was that infernal noise of hammering.
It was a constant reminder to them that there was man who talked about a coming flood. A flood? How preposterous! And so they went about their business and ignored the man with the hammer, who , every day for over one hundred years, hammered away, relentlessly hammered away. He had been ordered by God to build an ark and build an ark he would. Despite the ridicule, despite the scorn, despite the offense to the lawless, he lived his life according to what God had commanded.

Brothers and sisters, can the world hear our hammering? What is being built in our lives that can weather the biggest storm? Is the work in us an expression of salvation to a lost and dying and soon to be judged world? What has been built in our lives that could lead to the saving of others? Do we allow the building to continue despite the ridicule, despite the scorn? Is the work that we do directed by the master builder? Is the constructs of our lives designed and shaped by He who builds? Let us be found to be as faithful as Noah in the days ahead and all the more as we begin to feel the first rain drops. There must be an urgency to allow the work to be finished as the rain begins to fall, as the darkness begins to cover the earth, as lawlessness abounds. No retreating from the work but an increasing for the time is surely at hand.

The building of an ark is a difficult business. First of all, it had never rained in Noah’s time. The notion that water would fall from the sky, not only fall from the sky but come up from the deep and overtake the whole planet was so beyond the minds of men. They  were caught up in their own world. They had long forgotten God, they had long forgotten their maker. They only ever pursued their own desires and had no thoughts of God. Can I say that there is a coming storm of fire. Will men find refuge in what we have before the fires fall? Is the reality of Christ in us what men see? Can they hear your hammer? Can they see that the work you are interested in,is your lives work the building of something supernatural? Do they know that?

If Noah cared what men thought would he have been building an ark? Do you care what men think? What are you building? What is you life’s work? You job? Your house? Your family? Your reputation? Your place in your church? Can they hear the hammering? Noah’s life’s work lifted him above the floods. Brothers and sisters, will your life’s work lift you up when the flood comes? Will you be able to stand when it rains down fire? It’s the life that you live now that will determine how you stand in that day.

2 Responses to “Can the world hear your hammer? I feel the rain!”

  1. Mark and Pam Proper said

    Dear brother Frank,This makes me want to really keep hammering away!I was watching some woodpeckers in the backyard a few days ago.We had a pretty good rain and they were out finding their tasty morsels in the grass.They were so focused on what they were doing.Their heads were somewhat like jack hammers reaching down into the soil and so quickly, as a wood pecker is so good at ,basically drilled the area for food.(Talk about aerating the soil!)Just to watch them is so intense.It almost makes us wonder what it would feel like to do such things with their head.As with the woodpecker, that is all they know!It is NATURAL!That is WHO they are!So now as Christians it needs to be so NATURAL for us to share the good news!I am so glad that God is in control and the closer we are to him the more awesome it is!

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