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Those who sow in tears

Posted by appolus on February 17, 2012

Psalm 126, like many other psalms, describes in part, the joy of the returning exiles from captivity in Babylon to Jerusalem.  Try for a moment to put yourself in the place of an Israelite. He sees his country invaded and destroyed. He sees the centerpiece of all that is holy to them, the temple, destroyed. Then he is loaded up and carried away in chains. He looks back only once and sees the smoke of destruction still ascending to the very heavens which seem to have abandoned him.

For years and then decades you would raise your family and tell them stories of their homeland, of Zion, the land of milk and honey.  Then after 70 long years the impossible happens, you are suddenly allowed to return. Imagine the wonder of returning with your children and grandchildren who had never seen this and before, only heard tales of it. All those years, all those decades that have passed. In that time your homeland would have seemed like a distant dream. Was there even a homeland? Might it all have been a dream? Yet here you now stand. Every night in your prayers for endless years, all you had to hang onto was a promise. As the years passed the passion of the prayers subsided. You saw your people become more and more like those around them. In your spirit you wept for what was lost and for what now seemed like an impossibility.

Maybe you know a little of what the exile must have felt? Maybe you have lost someone to the world? Perhaps yo have spent many a night, not just for weeks or months, but for years and decades watering your pillow. Maybe you have cried until there seems to be no more tears left, yet still you persist. Every now and again the Spirit of the Lord overshadows you and the wells that you thought were dry, you find that there is water still and you shed your tears, glad that you still have them left, sad and weary that they are still needed after all these long years. You look in the mirror and you realize that you are growing old and still you weep for what is lost.

Can I tell you brothers and sisters, these tears you shed are waters from the fountains of heaven. This hope against hope is seed from your Father’s storehouse. Those who continually weep, it is they who bear seeds for sowing. One day brothers and sisters you will be like one who dreams. And one day, when you find it is a dream no longer, your mouth will be filled with laughter and your heart will be filled with joy. The long arduous road leads back to Zion. And you will find yourself in the company of men and women who will rejoice and declare ” The Lord has done great things for us.”


The rains that fall from Heaven
Fall down upon our face
And the dawn is surely coming
Yet in the darkness we embrace

Perhaps you’ve never seen the dawn
Yet in your heart you know its true
That beyond the edge of all you know
There is a sky that’s ever blue

To plough the field of perpetual winter
For a harvest never seen before
Is to walk in darkness without stumbling
Is to open up the heavenly door

What lies beyond, no one can see
Yet through the door there is no fears
This is a place where seeds are found
They are for those who sow in tears

And with the seeds and with our tears
We’ll plough the fields until the end
With weeping hearts the seeds are watered
And then the harvest God will send

Then all our tears are wiped away
Our hearts are filled with laughter
We now embrace perpetual dawn
And blue skies ever after!

4 Responses to “Those who sow in tears”

  1. Cecilie said

    I just love how God put things together!

    Lately Psalm 126 and the return from exiles has been on my mind, for me it has been the part about how they were “released” to go back… that it was an impossibility since they were in a heathen kingdom, and how God moves in and shows Himself as King of heaven and earth to a heathen kingdoms king, turns the kings heart so he recognizes God as the real God and gives a decree saying that they are to return and build up once more what has been destroyed…

    They must have felt like dreaming when the horsemen came into their town and read the kings decree… is this for real? Can we go back? But is there something left of once was? What about all the holy things that have been misused? Do we have what it takes? The just as wonderful part as that they were to return, is that God has kept many holy things “safe”, they were still there, they were ready to use in service and praise once more. God had everything worked out.

    Many has left the close relationship with God and gone astray, but when God calls them back, they will not stand “empty-handed” because God never removed the blessing and gifting he once gave, He has kept them safe for this time. And I believe many will experience their return in a way just God can work out, they will stand amazed over what God can do, and they and people around will lift thanksgiving and praise to God because He has done such wonderful things.

    This is some of what I have been thinking over, so what you shared here was a wonderful continuance of what God has shown me lately, at the same time as it was a heaven-sent encouragement to me personally since it has been many years of sowing in tears…

    May God fill your day and heart with love and peace, strength and joy dear brother!

    • appolus said

      Hi Cecilie.

      Amen sister. I believe what you just wrote is a piece in and of itself. I thought about so much as I wrote the poem for psalm 126. It was especially touching for me because by best freind and dearest brother in Christ is going through a dark valley right now. HIs oldest son who is 15 is facing Leukemia for the second time. The first transplant failed after a year and now they are going through the process again and the outcome, outside of God, and if one listened to the world, is not promising. Anyway, the Lord gave the young man this scripture. When the Lord gives someone a promise, no matter how long the road is, no matter how many the years are, then this is the hope and that is the seed from which forth life defies death. My own dear mother, now old, has prayed for decades for her other son and daughter and they are both addicts with all the chaos and madness of that life. Since she lives in Scotland, I get to listen to a women who has prayed for decades for her ” children,” struggling with faith, getting down, getting back up again. All those prodigal parents out there I am sure could relate. All those who have faced situations that have lasted not for days or weeks or years, but decades and yet still believe, still hang onto the promise, this is what my poem was trying to capture. The struggle of it, the falling down, the getting up, the weariness, the sometimes joy, the oftentimes hopelessness, and the overcoming of all that in the Lord. This narrow path, this walk of life can be long. And this faith that sustains us even although time whispers in our ears, is a glorious and well-pleasing thing to the Lord. We do not live in movies where all is wrapped up with a bow in the space of an hour. Life and all of its challenges are there to test us all. Who will endure till the end? Who will be an overcomer? The promises are to those who overcome. The hurdles of life, the passage of time, these are the issues of our lives. Will we stay the course? And in all of that the Lord understands our struggles, He understands the frailty of our flesh, He gently encourages us when our heads are down. He ask us to lift up the head that hangs down and see the glory of our God. All of these struggles would have faced the faithful in Babylon. To stay faithful and walk after the Lord even although so many of who we knew had seemingly been swallowed up by the world. And then suddenly, after a literal lifetime, one finds oneself standing in Zion. Its is tremendous to think of the joy. And so whether we are figthting for life, or praying for a loved one or facing an illness that is debilitating, all of Gods children know that there is coming a day when we will stand on ground that we had prayed for for so long, we will stand in Zion, stand in victory, having remained faithful, despite the battles, till the end. Let us encourage one another to stand in the evil day, for there is coming a day of victory for all of us, whether in this life or the next, victory belongs to the faithful…………..brother Frank

      • Karen said

        I always find it amazing the timing of such communication as these.
        Thank you both bro. Frank and sister Cecilie.
        I think read once in a John R Rice book, something like – “sometimes emotions are too heavy to be carried on the backs of words”. I feel that way often, but it’s ok. For in those times the LORD seems nearer than other and I have come to appreciate and love him more because of it.
        You write so well bro. Frank, it is a beautiful gift, to be able to put words on such deep emotions. My husband touched my arm a couple of times as I tried not to falter through reading all the above aloud.
        Thank you. I agree we must encourage one another, we must. And you did just that, both of you in Gods perfect timing for me. I think I will post this on my FB bro Frank, thanks again.

        • appolus said

          Dear sister, this is why I write. I am deeply encouraged that in these words you found some comfort. May the Lord bless you and your husband. The Lord has never asked me to write anything that I have not experienced. As I have been writing a poem for every psalm as directed by the Lord, I have struggled. My words seem so beggerly, and I believe it must be that way. What I really have to share, and what I have in common with so many, are the trials and afflictions of the narrow path. I have found in my walk that those who seek the Lord with all of their hearts, who seek to scale the hieghts of glory and see the train of His robe, have to walk through the deepest valleys. It is in the darkest moments of our lives when we experience the magnificant truths of the Word. And suddenly, His Spirit comes. He is our strength sister as you know, He is our hope, He is our joy, He is our provision, He not only is our light at the end of the tunnel, He is our peace in the midst of it. My victories do not come in some grand ministry, my victories come in rising up again when I have fallen. My victories come when I hope again when all was hopeless. My victories come in the form of a kind smile when inside my heart is breaking. My greatest victories have come in loving those who have broken my heart. And the author of all of these victories is Jesus. Without Him I would not have had the strength nor the desire to rise. Without HIm there would be no smile upon my face. Without Him my heart would feel nothing. All glory to the risen King, He causes His children to sing, when once they would have hung their harps upon the weeping tree, now they rejoice and are glad for they have eyes to see, that despite the difficulties and pains of this world and the long narrow road, there lies at the end, an end to all tears. May He ever be your strength and your source of Joy and hope and we shall gather one day up there sister, and we will marvel. May the Lord bless your husband and yourself on the journey……………..bro Frank

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