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Do you walk in the Love of God?

Posted by appolus on December 20, 2011

Do you walk in the Love of God? Have you been freed from all earthly ties? Is your Christianity an adventure? Whether in trials or victories can you see the majesty and beauty of the story God is writing with your life? Are you a living epistle? Do you have joy? This peace that surpasses all understanding, have you ever walked in that? When you think of death, does it excite you? Have the scales of this world fallen from your eyes? Can you see that you walk in the light from above? More importantly, can others see any of these things in your life? The Christian man is a strange man according to the world, and so he should be. Are you strange? Are you a puzzle to those who know you?

To plummet the depths of a bottomless sea
That’s filled with truth and love
To scale a mountain that has no top
Is to revel in the Father’s love

To fly in a sky that has no end
And to fly with wings of a dove
Is to soar in updrafts of His majesty
To be carried on the winds of love

To live with the Love of God in me
To look through my Father’s eyes
To have ears that hear what the Spirit says
Is to break all fetters and ties

To walk in such glorious freedom
Is to walk in the light from above
Neither chained nor shackled by earth’s dim view
But free to walk in His love

4 Responses to “Do you walk in the Love of God?”

  1. Mark and Pam Proper said

    Thank you brother,Yes to walk in his love!Ahhhhh brother Frank the Holy Spirit is working!All things are possible to them that believe!Those that have eyes to see,ears to hear,lips to tell!We really have a life changing message!Thank the Lord!What a wonder to behold, someday soon all of us dear brothers and sisters will be together forever!Hallelua! What a saviour!sister Pam

  2. appolus said

    Amen sister, amen! What a Saviour indeed. What a day that will be! To dwell in a sinnless place, where every tear is wiped away. To dwell in a place not darkened by sin, not corrupted. To dwell in perpetual beauty and the glories of God. What mind can even really conceive of such a place? A place beyond our imaginations. A place with no limitations of language. The older I get, the more I desire a greater vocabulary. Can you imagine, no limits to our expressions of love for our Heavenly Father? Can you even begin to imagine what heavenly praise with heavenly choirs will be like? Oh sister, to hear the angels sing. And the night he was born angels sang. Glory to the new born King!!!!! ………….. brother Frank

  3. Paul West said

    Dear brother, thank you for this uplifting piece. Yes, the love of God is the bond of perfection and the fulfillment of the law. May we walk in such a love-purity always; may all of our communication and thoughts and actions come from Christ Jesus’ love, and may we be the channels through which it flows unto all suffering and sin-sick humanity.

    I also wanted to thank you for your maturty in the SermonIndex forum, and encourage you to keep pressing unto perfection. You are making a difference dear brother. I love you in the Lord.

    Brother Paul

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