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The Coming King

Posted by appolus on March 4, 2011

As I walked last night and spoke with the Lord, dusk began to fall and He whispered in my ear and laid upon my heart……

As the dusk of life is falling
And the sands of time run swift
As we approach the edge of glory
To Him our hands we lift


As the dusk of life is falling
And the sands of time run swift
As we approach the edge of glory
To Him our hands we lift

Hallelujah to the King of Kings
All glory to the Son
An angel in the distance sings
The battle it is won

Oh death where is thy victory
Oh grave where be thy sting
You are swallowed up and overcome
By Christ the Risen King

The desert sands are shifting
And the time is drawing nigh
The Bridegroom fast approaches
And His angels fill the sky

And if you look with Spirit’s eye
Your sure to see this site
Of heavenly angels from on high
Who sing with all their might

All glory to the coming King
The Christ, the risen One
The Lamb of God, the prince of peace
Exalted Holy Son

Right now’s the time to fill your lamp
The Masters on His way
Awake! Arise! Get on your knees
Now is the time to pray

The Remnant stand , with forehead marked
Oh Bridegroom take your bride
The time has come, the day is now
The door is open wide

Awake , arise the Bridegroom comes
All ties to this world, cut
For when He comes, He’ll take His Bride
Then the door is tightly shut

5 Responses to “The Coming King”

  1. Michael s Press said

    Very beautiful, we will know the season, my understanding is the “season” is not as with think in carnal terms. A day is a thousand years….we definately in the season and the warnigs are coming forth. Sorry (This may be a repeat) and we have already meantioned the “if” in scripture but there are many words of caution about relationship to each other and our coming KING and “co-rulers” He is preparing to rule in our KINGdom.

  2. Michael s Press said

    Forgot to attach part of what I pray daily >>>>Give us revelation on 4 WARNINGS 1“Pursue peace with all men, and sanctification, without which no one will see(KNOW) the Lord” (Heb 12:14, Heb 5:9) 2 And having been perfected, You became to all those who obey You the source of eternal salvation, 3 Matt 10:22 And you will be ahated by all because of My nameAUTHORITY,CHARACTER. But he who has endured to the end, this one shall be saved.Matthew 24:13. 4. John 3:36 He who *believes, (OBEYS, TRUSTS) into the Son has eternal life; but he who *disobeys the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides upon him. * (strongs = believe = to obey, trust = be- live our inheritance, Christ our R/reality

  3. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…Beautiful, beautiful. For sure the Holy Spirit whispered this in your ear. This came out of a Holy Spirit regenerated mind. It makes me long for home brother. Thanks for obeying the Spirit. This has blessed all who has read it.

    • appolus said

      I hope all who hear it are blessed, the young woman who leads worship at our home group is adding music 🙂 ………..brother Frank

  4. Scotti said

    These words have stirred the fire in my soul! Thank you and sharing this poem that the Holy Spirit laid on your heart. Praise His Holy Name!

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