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After the drought, the rain comes!

Posted by appolus on March 5, 2011

After the drought comes the rain. Perhaps you feel like your in a drought? Perhaps its been a long time since you encountered the presence of God? For those who believe and prevail and overcome, can I tell you that there is a cloud , the size of a hand, on the horizon. There is a deep penetrating rain coming for Gods people. He has taken His people into the valley, the valley of death, the valley of decision. Because of the intensity of the battle that lies just ahead, it was and is necessary for the Lord to take His people into the desert of testing, a place of scourging and stripping away of every single thing that we have relied upon that is outside of Him.



It was not that long ago that I saw a documentary on a certain part of Africa. For 10 long months it sees no rain. First the mighty river dries up and then it becomes pools, and then the pools slowly shrink until it is nothing more than mud-holes. In this particular documentary, it showed a giant crocodile that had taken up residence right in the middle of the mud-hole. Yet despite its presence, deer and other animals risked their very lives in order to partake in the last of the water. A very few animals went on a long migration looking for water, many died, some found water. Yet almost all the animals that were indigenous to this geographic location, died before the rains came. Animals that in normal circumstances  would never come within 100 yards of a crocodile, came right up beside him in a desperate attempt to get some satisfaction, relief, from this drying mud-hole. When God withdraws the rain of His presence from His church we see many strange things. Let us pray to our faithful Lord that the He will send the rain to a people who have learned not to take for granted His presence, and are focused on nothing else. What was very clear from the documentary was that the animals knew that this was life or death. The tragedy for many in the church is that they can live a life, devoid of His presence, and not even know that they are dying. If you have spent your whole life sucking on mud, barely surviving on the moisture that comes from a mud-hole, getting filthy and dangerously close to being consumed by the world, what a tragedy for a generation of people to have been raised in the dry season who have never known what it is to see the river of life that flows from the throne, let alone step into it and be taken by its current at the deepest part.

To try and operate in this world as a church without the Holy Spirit and the presence of the living God is to be reliant upon a mud-hole. Some vestige of some by- gone days where once the river flowed. Talk of past victories but no present life. Living on memories and manna from the day before. Yet manna is to be gathered fresh every day. A sister from Scotland wrote………………… 

It seems that wherever we live in the Western world there is a dearth in our churches..a dearth of the reality of God`s holy presence. But we must get our eyes off the impotence of our church organizations and gatherings and turn our eyes upon the One Who alone can, and will, make ALL the difference in response to EACH one of us seeking Him with ALL of our heart. Yes, the Giver and not the gifts. Are we truly able to cry, “As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.” God says “Men ought always to pray and not to cave in” – We must cry to God FOR prevailing prayer, so that we are able to pray WITH prevailing prayer. That prayer that persists and will not give in UNTIL the Lord comes and sends floods upon our dry and thirsty land. Has He said and shall He not do it?

“He turns a wilderness into pools of water, and dry land into watersprings..” 

Throughout the whole earth there is a thirsty cry…it may begin as a selfish whimper but as thirst increases it becomes a desperation – our hands must be emptied of everything as we lay hold of Him. Then our hearts will burn within us as we steadfastly keep our gaze on Him Who said, “Call unto Me… and I WILL answer thee ”If we are discouraged by outcomes of our genuine efforts..if the ground remains cracked and parched..we must stop digging in the dry river beds..and look up, for He WILL send rain upon our barren land and cause His floods to lift His people from our own good intentions into His abundance. Upon every one blade of grass He WILL send His refreshing..His restoration upon our withered land…wherever we are. We will see a cloud the size of a man`s hand, that will become a deluge.

Remember…dry cracked land does not appear to soak up the first showers (look past appearances or feelings), then it drinks freely..and new life will spring forth! Let each one of us begin the cry for the `dry land` of our own heart! ……………………. 

That was a good word from a dear sister in Christ. I believe that saturation is what it is going to take because the ground is so very dry. There has been much breaking down of the clods and ploughing ( prevailing prayer) and yet, that work only makes sense if it will indeed rain. One would be very foolish to partake of such ploughing if one did not believe that there is a rain coming, a soaking rain, a saturating rain, that will penetrate the deep dryness. As someone who now lives in Kansas, a place that only gets about 33 inches of rain a year, I know how dry the ground can become and how deep that dryness is. At first when it rains the rain merely flows over the top surface, its so hard it does not penetrate. Then it rains for several days and the ground becomes saturated, thoroughly penetrated, indeed to such an extent that it takes days or weeks to dry out. Flash floods come and go very quickly and when it is gone, it is like it has never rained because it never penetrated. Yet, when it rains consistently for several days, the effects are deep and lasting. 

After the drought comes the rain. Perhaps you feel like your in a drought? Perhaps its been a long time since you encountered the presence of God? For those who believe and prevail and overcome, can I tell you that there is a cloud , the size of a hand, on the horizon. There is a deep penetrating rain coming for Gods people. He has taken His people into the valley, the valley of death, the valley of decision. Because of the intensity of the battle that lies just ahead, it was and is necessary for the Lord to take His people into the desert of testing, a place of scourging and stripping away of every single thing that we have relied upon that is outside of Him. A place where survival depends not on tradition or past victories or heritage, a place where we once again cry out to the Living God for Him and Him alone. Only those who truly desire Him will stay in this place of testing. Many will return to Egypt, many will look back to where they came from and be turned into pillars of salt. Yet, the Remnant of Gods people will prevail. And our God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. 

Yes there is an intensity of persecution for Gods people just appearing on the horizon. There are storm clouds gathering even as you read this. There is coming a time such as has never been seen before for Gods people. Yet God will pour out His Spirit in a such a way that the people of God will stand in the pouring saturating rain of His presence and despite the intense persecution and all out war that the old serpent will wage on us, we will rejoice and glorify and lift our hands on high. We will praise God for the rain that falls. The persecution will seem light in comparison to the eternal weight of glory that is to be experienced in His presence. God will inhabit the praises of His people who worship Him with their whole hearts. Gods people will only care that His presence is with them. As long as He goes before them, they will follow. They will follow Him right into the valley of the shadow of death. They will allow nothing to seperate them from their God. Stay the course brothers and sisters, the rain is coming, and then comes the King.

And Elijah the Tishbite, of the sojourners of Gilead, said to Ahab,


AsJehovah, the God of Israel lives, before whom I stand, there shall not be dew nor rain these years, except according to my word. And the Word of Jehovah came to him, saying, Go away from here and turn eastward, and hide yourself by the brook Cherith, before Jordan. And it shall be, you shall drink of the brook. And I have commanded the ravens to feed you there. So he went and did according to the Word of Jehovah. For he went and lived by the torrent Cherith, before Jordan. (1Ki 17:1-5)

2 Responses to “After the drought, the rain comes!”

  1. Michael s Press said

    Courthouse Drought response
    Very good. I appreciate your calling it the way it is .
    I am not sure how this will play out but I am in the battle, I think? I have not experienced the desert you speak of as I have never lost focus on our Lord for long. Knocking and seeking have always had response. I am a worker in the harvest through prayer. And God uses me, as I am sure you and most others that write on this level of understanding. We are called to encourage and edify and builkd one another and that means testimony from experience. Testimony = “do it again”
    I have had a number of assignments over the eleven years since finding our Lord, actually, Him drawing me. The assignments have been various, before corporate events, over small communities (incest) taking down witch craft monuments in areas surronding our city, etc, and persistent daily prayer for our body of Christ to come into revelation of many of the scriptures that proclaim our sonship and bringing us into maturity. They all have been boosters unto understanding my authority> I doing my part allowing Christ to do His part. Understanding who I am as a son of God being led of Holy Spirit has been the result of the continuning assignments. I have moved forward in faith trusting it was a Holy Spirit leading. My current assigment to enter our courthouse to pray for justice has been huge!!! Knowing from my last experience I need have no fear in going where I am led. When in these situations of being light in a dark place I always ask for confirmations along the way when I feel a drought. I ask for confirmation when I feel like nothing is happening or I stop receiving revelation for journalling, and I always receive it. Upon entering the courthouse, I was quickened to call Kelowna KINGdom Kelowna, That was confirmation for my understanding I was there to help establish the visibility of Isaiah (:6,7) A child is born, a Son is given……Government, throne of David (earth authority) to uphold Justice and righteousness. He quickened my though bring in justice and righteousness will follow! I was here to pray for justice! I simply do my part. Show up as the candle and He will accomplish the rest.Together W/we establish JUSTICE. Me from my throne and He from His throne. Oneness in Spirit. I know this is not huge revelation for you guys but it is exciting for me, as I know I have more exciting thigs ahead.
    Now to the point I want to make. Since being there I have been put into mental adjustments consecrating me. To me consecration is simply taking thoughts captive and that is the source of 99% of what the church calls attacks. The carnal mind reflecting our actions. When we realize we are “new creations” and old things have passed away ALL THINGS HAVE BECOME NEW. The battle is won, rejoice in eternal life nothing of the past will affect us “IF” we walk led. Walk led means walk as JesUS manifested in my mortal flesh. This I see on the near horizon for those taking assignments seriously and doing their part. The only way to be trained up is in the workplace. School is out and the workers know who they are and ther are many more called! All the choosing I do not think has been done. Some are turning assignments down others are not focus on a position of handed in resume waiting with zeal for the Spirit call. The drought is two fold a test on endurance to approvedness unto walking in fullness of Holy Spirit flow Flow of supernatural love (Romans 5:1-5) “ONE WITH GOD” The desert and wilderness may be the deception of we have to wait on God while God is waiting on us to be proactive and enter doors. Why wait for doors to open when “we have the keys holder in us. Waiting is deception of false teaching. God is very proactive looking for workers prayer warriors willing to get out and do the small part while Christ does the large part. My past assignment was to Go in to a drug and alcohol treatment centre and “be” . When asked by a brother that God asked him to ask me to lead a prayer team in I questioned what do I do know. While waiting on Him to speak as I spoke in tounges H showed me a light House. O K that was it I was to be there as a representative of light. Not the lighthouse the facility will be a lighthouse to “guide” others . . . cool! This is where I learned how to just “be” and “do”, as led. I had no clue how to function in a place where most of the men were off the street and in attempt to recover from full blow alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction.
    I was mandated to pray to have the facility that is 12 Step program of Higher power but not Christ conscious to become more Christ conscious. After a about 6 months the facility is now known a Christian recovery centre. I heard it said go in there you will come out a Christian. I boast in our Lord and my obedience to be led through trust in a brother to hear correctly and then to listen hear and obey. Simply what we are all called to be. WE have authority when we walk in full trust, satan falls from heaven like lightening because he has no power over our incorruptible mind of salvation worked out. Do not get me wrong I am still being consecrated but the path I am on at present disires to please God at all cost to self. Get behind me satan….opps I am a candle and light with my BIG BROTHER WITH ME I do not even know you are there I do not eat from your tree I see no sin.

  2. Scotti said

    The rain is coming and then comes the King of Kings!! Amen!

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