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The Tyranny of Insignificance

Posted by appolus on June 9, 2008

string> If you are known personally by God, If He knows every hair of your head, then how is it that you could ever imagine yourself insignificant? Is that not a lie from the pits of hell? How much evil and mischief has the enemy of your soul been able to achieve by simply convincing you that you have no worth and are insignificant?



Luke 12:6-7 (ASV)
6 Are not five sparrows sold for two pence? and not one of them is forgotten in the sight of God.
7 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not: ye are of more value than many sparrows.

In Scotland we have a phrase ” He’s not worth tuppence.” Tuppence meaning two penny’s. It does not get cheaper than that. Maybe my American friends would say “I wouldn’t give you a dime for him.” Whatever phrase you know or use, the meaning is clear, somebody or something is worthless. For a Christian to use this phrase would be tragic. This phrase or these phrases are anti-Christ. To believe yourself or someone else to be worthless is to not understand the most basic principal of Christianity which is Joh 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

Can I just say to you today, “You are the world.” You are the “whoever.” If you are a Christian then you are the world that has believed and will not perish. If you are not a Christian, you are simply on the wrong side of trusting Him with your life. Whatever side of the equation you fall on, the one truth is certain, God loved you so much that He gave His Son to die for you on the cross. He allowed His Son to be tortured and killed for you, He allowed His Son to take on all the sins of the world, and be separated from Him, if only for a moment, experienced hell for you, in your place, He allowed all of that. He did not allow it because you are insignificant. He did not allow it because He did not have a plan for your life, He did not allow it just so that you could simply exist from one day to another, He allowed it because you are His own special creation.

When I first came to the Lord we lived in a condo on the ground floor. We had a small walled patio and every day I would feed the sparrows. I loved those little guys. Sometime the Holy Spirit would move on me and speak into my heart as I fed them. A warmth would flow throughout my being as I realized how much the Lord loved me. If I loved these little sparrows and enjoyed feeding them, oh how much more significant was I that the Lord would enjoy taking care of me? If there are billions of sparrows in the world and not one of them drops to the ground without our God knowing it, then surely He knows you ? Isa 40:26 Lift up your eyes on high, and behold, who has created these, who brings out their host by number? He calls them all by names by the greatness of His might, for He is strong in power; not one is lacking. “ If there are countless trillions of stars in all of the universes and He calls them all by name, think about that, He placed them there and calls them all by name, then He surely knows you?

If you are known personally by God, If He knows every hair of your head, then how is it that you could ever imagine yourself insignificant? Is that not a lie from the pits of hell? How much evil and mischief has the enemy of your soul been able to achieve by simply convincing you that you have no worth and are insignificant? How many men and woman have committed adultery because of this? How many arguments between a man and wife have occurred because of the tyranny of perceived insignificance and one does not feel “worth,” within the marriage? Sibling rivalry that can last a lifetime because one feels less worth than the other. And the ultimate tragedy, how many suicides have occurred because of this feeling , this lie,this lack of worth?

I know from personal experience how this feeling of insignificance and lack of worth can shape and destroy lives. I grew up with a father that did not like me. As a child I only ever heard him call me “idiot.” No matter what I did it was not good enough. I was berated at every turn and wilted under the onslaught. I first thought about suicide when I was twelve. Of course the truth is my father felt even more insignificant than me. In order for people who have these feelings to have any source of comfort, they must put others down . By putting others down, beneath them, they “elevate,” themselves. Its the source of all bullies. It happens in various degrees in almost every part of society. There is a pecking order, and everybody must find his or her “place.” We see it in the chicken coup, and it is vicious, we also see it in life and it is no less vicious. Oh how this one issue has poured forth its vile lies and created alcoholics and drug addicts or just simply robbed the joy and the peace and contentment from countless millions of people around the world in every country and in every society and in every class. It is an evil that has no boundaries, only degrees.

Sadly, I have found it to be just as prevalent within the “church.” This is an absolute tragedy. Here we stand in the light of the truth, here we possess the antidote to one of the vilest diseases that has afflicted mankind, and so many of us continue to suffer from this disease of the soul. Now I can understand why a Christian would struggle to deal with how others perceive them. I do not agree with it and think this is the source of much shallowness and lack of transparency, but what I cannot understand and believe to be one of the greatest dangers to the walk of all Christians , is how they feel insignificant in regard to how God feels about them. If you do not understand your worth, if you do not recognize the deepest truths of Calvary, then you are like one blowing in the wind, being tossed about by every wind of doctrine and falling prey to every peddler who has a “word.” I actually feel nauseated sometimes when I see Christians strain forward and try and catch the eye of the latest “prophet,” that comes to town, desperately wanting a “word,” from God so that they can somehow feel significant.

Please do not get me wrong, I am not talking about new Christians who are still being fed milk by the Lord and learning the elementary precepts of who we are as Christians, I am talking about saints who have been on the road for many years. It is tragic that they have not learned this, the most basic and foundational part of their Christianity.
1Co 3:1 And I, brothers, could not speak to you as to spiritual ones, but as to fleshly, as to babes in Christ.
1Co 3:2 I have fed you with milk and not with solid food, for you were not yet able to bear it; nor are you able even now.

Here Paul blames the Corinthians for their own lack of progress. Listen to what Matthew Henry says about this particular passage….”They were so far from forming their maxims and measures upon the ground of divine revelation, and entering into the spirit of the gospel, that is was but too evident they were much under the command of carnal and corrupt affections. They were still mere babes in Christ. They had received some of the first principles of Christianity, but had not grown up to maturity of understanding in them, or of faith and holiness; and yet it is plain, from several passages in this epistle, that the Corinthians were very proud of their wisdom and knowledge. Note, It is but too common for persons of very moderate knowledge and understanding to have a great measure of self-conceit. The apostle assigns their little proficiency in the knowledge of Christianity as a reason why he had communicated no more of the deep things of it to them. They could not bear such food, they needed to be fed with milk, not with meat.”

And as it is with all things, it is divine revelation that will bring you to a proper understanding of Calvary. You can read the Gospel accounts of Calvary a thousand times and you will understand it in your head, but if it never gets into your heart, the place of damage, you will remain babes in Christ. Cry out to the Lord to give you a divine revelation of Calvary, of what it Cost Jesus, of what it cost your heavenly Father, and then when that occurs your own self image will improve, not based on humanism or self-esteem, but based on “Christ in you, the hope and glory.” Your worth comes from the fact that he knows you and that He died for you, it comes from nothing else. If you make this the foundation of your life, then you can begin to build something that will stand. He loves you and you are the apple of His eye, you must learn this, experience this and embrace this, when you do, you will begin to break the chains that bind you and become Christ like. It will effect every area of your life, every person in your life and you will begin to change your world.

14 Responses to “The Tyranny of Insignificance”

  1. What a preach. Now i know i’ve always been right about myself; i believe in Jesus, only, as much as i believe i am god myself. The difference is i don’t have heavenly father who gave birth on me, i do have a mother universe instead.


  2. appolus said

    Hi Bablicious…I appreciate you stopping by and your comments. I would simply diagree and say that you do have a Heavenly Father, one who loves you more than you could ever possibly know………….Frank

  3. Thanks, but No thank you. I don’t have one cuz i see no relevant in father-gave-birth concept. I am my own master, i serve only me and my Self Being. Check my site for better explaination.

    Evangelically yours in any heterosexual ways,


  4. appolus said

    Hi baba…..I was not saying that God the Father gave birth to you, what I was saying , whether you want it or not, that there is a heavenly Father who loved you enough to send His Son to die for you, that makes you significant. I believe you when you say that you are your own master and that you serve only yourself. That is the priveledge that you have been given, its called free will……..Frank

  5. Hmm…no offense but you sound a bit ridiculous to me. Probably due to being over doctrinated till you can’t even master your own ‘gift’ called brain. If you happened to be able to use 15% of it, you’d see things much way better.

    ‘What is human?’

    Start from that question and let yourself answer it independently off that christianity attributes. Jesus no heavenly father’s son, he’s only one of those homo primera sanctus being trapped in human animals colonies. When a human being, like him, doesn’t choose to get back to the essence of oneness, s/he has to suffer the most physically & emotionally for entire life.

    I’m not making fun of him, no use of it. He’s my friend. I met him ‘in person’ during my spiritual journey and he worried about those who follow him for being malaciously astray and away from christianity values he intended to teach. He’s suffering there, couldn’ find peace at all. Shame on him.


  6. appolus said

    The notion of a heavenly father existing would of course sound ridiculous to anyone who has not met Him. Imagine trying to explain a jumbo jet to a tribe of people who have never even met a white man before. They would laugh the messenger to scorn. The fact that they laugh or cannot perceive of such a machines existence, does not mean that the machine does not exist. It only proves their limited knowledge. When the grasshopper laughs at He who sits upon the circle of the world, it changes nothing…….Frank

  7. […to anyone who has not met Him….]

    You yourself have met ‘Him’? If so, enlight me about ‘his’ presence. What is this machine anyway? Did you refer him as Jesus or his ‘heavenly father’? What makes Jesus his son?

    Who is your God? Who are you?

    As far as Jesus i know, he never mentioned about being son of ‘He’. But those who act as if knew Jesus better than Jesus himself claim that posit malaciously over time due to personal vested interests e.g money, power, history control, etc. Doh! No wonder Jesus sent SOS message thru me!

  8. appolus said

    I Have met Him and it is impossible for me to enlighten you. My God is the God of the Bible, the one who testifies of Himself by His own word. We know that Jesus is His Son because it is written. Who am I? A follower of Him, a sinner who was forgiven and then set apart. You can read my story in this blog, it is entitled “The Valley of Achor.”

    I could tell you all day long about an apple. I could describe it and explain it and show you one, but unless you actually taste the apple, you will never know what it tastes like. In order to “taste,” of the Lord, in order to mmet Him, you must die to yourself and be born-again……Frank

  9. Interesting post you made. Too bad i don’t share the same concern during my out of body experience.

    I’d been a moslem, a christian, a boddhi, and hindu for straight 20 years and none of those attributes ever made me blessed. Don’t get me wrong as to be unbeliever of god, i believe and embrace Its existence thus have tasted the omniscience. As far as bible it’s not written by Jesus himself nor his heavenly father. How would you dare as well as assured proclaiming yourself as to be the follower of Jesus, forgiven then set apart, unless you came back from death and reborn literally and NOT via baptist? Becareful of what you’re saying as to be mere personal than factual. Religious saga of history is not artificially unbent.

    Well, i just happen did; died and live again. I’ve seen things many haven’t. And i’m not proud of that, at all. Just thankful.

  10. appolus said

    Hi…..I did not come to Christ to be blessed, I came to Christ to be forgiven. I was not seeking a gift, I was seeking the giver. Its was not about me, it was about Him. As for the Bible, it was written by God, through His Holy Spirit. It makes this claim itself. Bhudda died saying he was seeking truth, Jesus said “I am the way, I am the Truth, I am the Life and no man comes to the Father but by me.” This can be accepted or rejected. You have free will, you can freely choose. There is only one path to the Father, and that is through the Son, all other paths lead to death…..Frank

  11. Turned out i was right about you from the very first time, a braind dead leads to a blacken heart. Shame on you. Shame on Jesu.

    ‘Many roads lead to Rome, many paths The Omniscient provides yet none be seen by many. When divine truth is what you aim, mind your heart as well as heart your mind’

    My fellow homo, you really don’t know where to go …
    Even Jesu himself had to die to find his path, that’s the ONLY way among the paths.

  12. appolus said

    Tell you what Baba…I will leave the name calling to you my friend and we will agree to disagree………….Frank

  13. Brother,

    I am a vile worm but also a precious son! what a wonderful gospel!

    • appolus said

      Brother, you were a sinner, now you are precious saint. The prodigal no longer dwells in the pigsty, he has returned to his Father, and that return was made possible by Jesus. Anything less than this is to take away from the work achieved on Calvary………brother Frank

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